The im­por­tance of know­ing the in­gre­di­ents that make up your beauty prod­uct

Know what you’re putting on your skin by read­ing the prod­uct la­bels


Women love their cos­met­ics. Even the sim­plest per­son who likes to keep it nat­u­ral sticks to a skin­care reg­i­men. All those beauty prod­ucts found on bath­room coun­ters aren’t just for van­ity but are truly about tak­ing care of one­self. The real con­cern is: Do you know what you’re ac­tu­ally putting on your skin, and are they safe? Here are some com­mon in­gre­di­ents and chem­i­cals found in beauty prod­ucts you should be wary of.


There’s a rea­son why “paraben-free” came up on the la­bel of beauty prod­ucts in the past years. If you’re not aware, it’s be­cause beauty prod­ucts with paraben are as­so­ci­ated with breast can­cer. This chem­i­cal was ac­tu­ally iden­ti­fied in biopsy sam­ples from breast tu­mors. Where you can find it: Makeup, de­odor­ants, sham­poos, con­di­tion­ers, and fa­cial cleansers

Sodium lau­ryl sul­fate

Also known by its acro­nym SLS, this chem­i­cal can be found in a lot of per­sonal care prod­ucts. SLS is re­spon­si­ble for mak­ing sham­poo and soap foamy. It may cause se­vere skin and eye ir­ri­ta­tion. Where you can find it: Sham­poos, soaps, and body washes


This chem­i­cal is used to pre­vent bac­te­ria growth in cos­met­ics. It is be­lieved to be a car­cino­gen by The In­ter­na­tional Agency for Re­search on Car­cino­gens and has also been linked to cause al­ler­gic skin re­ac­tions and bron­chi­tis. Where you can find it: Mostly in nail pol­ish and hair col­or­ing


Fragrance is a tricky in­gre­di­ent on the la­bel be­cause most brands use it to mask a “se­cret for­mula.” Fragrance mixes have been as­so­ci­ated with al­ler­gies, der­mati­tis, and re­s­pi­ra­tory prob­lems like asthma.

Where you can find it: Lo­tions, perfumes, sham­poos and con­di­tion­ers, body washes, and mois­tur­iz­ers


Ever won­der why most OBg­y­ne­col­o­gists don’t al­low preg­nant women to have a mani/pedi? It’s be­cause of the toluene found in nail pol­ish. Toluene, a petroleum­based by-prod­uct, is of­ten hid­den in “fragrance” and can af­fect the func­tion­ing of the brain and the cen­tral ner­vous sys­tem. It’s danger­ous for fe­tal devel­op­ment. Where you can find it: Most of­ten in nail pol­ish


This in­gre­di­ent is of­ten added in makeup to ab­sorb mois­ture and pro­vide a hint of sparkle. But be­ware, not ev­ery­thing that sparkles is good! Talc is con­sid­ered a car­cino­gen and has been linked to ovar­ian can­cer. When in­haled, it may even lead to the for­ma­tion of lung tu­mors.

Where you can find it: Pow­der-form makeup like eye shadow and blush

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