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Trade off

When you badly want some­thing, what would you give up to have it? If the devil came to you with seven wishes, would you barter your soul? The faster we come to terms with the re­al­ity that ev­ery­thing has a price, the quicker we’ll find ways to cope. Take for ex­am­ple, the resur­fac­ing of her­itage trea­sures in the main­stream: The price we pay for re­viv­ing a dy­ing cul­ture by pop­u­lar­iz­ing it is the con­stant dan­ger of dis­re­spect­ing its core. But while we live in a time when Ifu­gao death blan­kets are in­cor­po­rated into mod­ern en­sem­bles, there is still a sil­ver lining to these trade-offs.

In this is­sue, we fea­ture Jeri­cho Ros­ales and his love for bik­ing, and in the process, dis­cover the real price of fame. We take a look at min­i­mal­ism and how it could pos­si­bly mur­der a rich heir­loom cul­ture; dis­cover what a meta­bolic re­set ac­tu­ally means; and of­fer an in­tro­duc­tion to the coun­try’s tex­tiles. Be­cause the only way to counter hid­den trade-offs is by read­ing the fine print.

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