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Col­lege is one of the most cru­cial and stress­ful stages in life. It is chal­leng­ing in more ways than one and keep­ing up with the pres­sure is key if one aims to live a healthy and bal­anced life.

Mer­riam-Web­ster’s Dictionary de­fines stress as a phys­i­cal, chem­i­cal, or emo­tional fac­tor that causes bod­ily or men­tal ten­sion and may be a fac­tor in dis­ease cau­sa­tion. There­fore, the sig­nif­i­cance of hav­ing a work­ing stress man­age­ment sys­tem for your­self is cru­cial for your sur­vival-if not for other pur­poses.

Luck­ily, there are plenty of stud­ies that have been con­ducted to help many peo­ple man­age stress like a pro. Many web­sites also pro­vide tech­niques on­line so you can look it up any­time, any­where. Here are three stress man­age­ment tech­niques from WebMD that you can try:

1)Play-If you’re hav­ing a rough day or maybe you’re just drained from all the work, you should try to get your mind off things for a bit. Take a 10-minute walk in the park, read a book you love or play some ten­nis with friends. Do some­thing you love to de­clut­ter your busy mind. It’s like treat­ing your­self for do­ing your as­sign­ments or your job!

2)Get A Pet-As a dog lover my­self, I can vouch for the ef­fec­tive­ness of this tech­nique. When­ever I go back home, I al­ways meet the furry mem­bers of the fam­ily first [lit­er­ally im­me­di­ately af­ter I dis­em­bark the van!]. There’s a cer­tain feel­ing of re­lief and ex­cite­ment that helps me for­get about the prob­lems and other stress­ful stuff I have in my mind. I im­me­di­ately think more clearly and I feel hap­pier than usual when­ever I pet or play with the dogs. Ac­cord­ing to an ar­ti­cle pub­lished by Time Mag­a­zine back in 2017, pet own­ers tend to have lower blood pres­sure, heart rate and heart-dis­ease risk than those who don’t.

A dif­fer­ent ar­ti­cle pub­lished by the Co­caCola Jour­ney back in 2016 says that just a minute of pet­ting your pooch can in­creases the re­lease of sero­tonin and oxy­tocin-two calm­ing chem­i­cals that make us feel more re­laxed and at peace, ac­cord­ing to re­search from the Uni­ver­sity of Mis­souri-Columbia.

If you can’t have any pets at home, go and visit a lo­cal shel­ter. Maybe you can find your best­friend there!

3)Laugh­ter-It’s still the best medicine! Stressed out? Laugh it out! Watch some standup com­edy, go talk to a goofy friend or bring back some hi­lar­i­ous mem­o­ries. Stud­ies have shown that laugh­ing makes the per­son be more pos­i­tive. Although re­searchers aren’t sure if it’s the act of laugh­ing that ac­tu­ally makes you feel bet­ter. What­ever stresses you out, just drown it in laugh­ter [Just don’t do it out of the blue and in pub­lic be­cause that’s a whole new story, if you know what I mean.]

Of course, it would greatly help if you start hav­ing a more pos­i­tive at­ti­tude, or get the sup­port of fam­ily and friends right? Af­ter all, no man is an is­land.

“Af­ter all, no man is an is­land.”

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