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Aries - March 1 - April

An ex­as­per­at­ing week is com­ing up for you as old friends and fam­ily get to­gether and plan up­com­ing Sum­mer­time va­ca­tions with less than con­ge­nial agree­ment This is not a good time to go on spend­ing sprees, un­less you need to pur­chase ne­ces­si­ties; bar­gain hunt­ing just came back into style. The busi­ness plans you have been work­ing on show signs of be­com­ing a re­al­ity as some­one of­fers you fi­nan­cial back­ing. Be sure to keep a con­trol­ling in­ter­est as this is your train and you know how best to blow the whis­tle. Dreams will take you to fan­tas­tic places this week but they will be flights of fancy.

Tau­rus - April 1 - May 1

The fi­nances are set­tled and all the pa­pers signed, now all that is left is the mov­ing. Mov­ing into your new home will take up most of your week. :hile ev­ery­one is ec­static over the new place, you must keep your (pos­si­bly short) tem­per so that you do not spoil the fun. Re­mem­ber, you only move into your first home for the first time, once. Try to be sure ev­ery­one comes through this with a lot of happy mem­o­ries that they can share in later years. All those fan­tas­tic dreams are prophetic and may con­tain a warn­ing rel­e­vant to the lat­ter part of the week. Med­i­tate on the pos­si­ble warn­ings un­til you are sure you get it.

Gem­ini - May - -une 1

Ap­ply com­mon sense to your present home sit­u­a­tion and you will be able to con­trol the stress that is build­ing in re­gards to your new em­ploy­ment. Be­ing straight­for­ward with a per­son is the only way to go, as the other per­son can tell if you are be­ing com­pletely hon­est. Don't be talked out of reach­ing your goal when you are so close to mak­ing your big break­through. A child may cause a few prob­lems, but noth­ing you can't han­dle with love and tact. You will have some fan­tas­tic dreams so watch for them. Se­rial dreams are rarely re­mem­bered but you may get that treat this week.

Can­cer - -une - -uly

You have to put your busi­ness first, and that does not al­ways sit well with you. This week, you will spare oth­ers cer­tain emo­tional pain and de­pres­sion. Although you make a de­ci­sion that may not have the best in­ter­ests of oth­ers at heart, your com­pas­sion and un­der­stand­ing will re­duce suf­fer­ing. Rest as­sured, you are a great al­ter­na­tive to a power-hun­gry boss who runs roughshod over ev­ery­one in sight. Your dreams serve to en­ter­tain you this week and lift your spir­its when you are feel­ing low. A lit­tle Tuiet med­i­ta­tion clears things up for you.

Leo - -uly 3 - Au­gust 3

Go on and get away this week, you'll come back in bet­ter shape and you may even have new clients wait­ing when you re­turn. Try to make time for vis­it­ing some spe­cial friends since your work sched­ule has pre­vented your see­ing them for a while, and they are anx­ious to see and talk with you. :hat's more, a short trip will re­fresh your mind and your en­er­gies. Dreams will be vivid and have a mes­sage that in­creases your faith and be­lief by leaps and bounds. A good Tech­ni­color dream week for you is in store so lis­ten care­fully to the mes­sages.

9irgo - Au­gust - Septem­ber

You are some­what of a philoso­pher and ev­ery­one loves to gather round you and lis­ten. You can and do use some of this tal­ent to help oth­ers as they lose their path in life. You would be sur­prised how hard it is to find some­one with an uplifting spirit. Be­ware of large an­i­mals this week, as they can look very de­cep­tive and be more ag­gres­sive than at first they ap­pear. Dreams this week are for your en­ter­tain­ment and should be taken as such. An an­gel may bump into you on the street and you treat him well.

Li­bra - Septem­ber 3 - Oc­to­ber

A new po­si­tion at work will be­come va­cant this week and it looks like you could have a clear path to fill­ing it. An old friend peaks your in­ter­est when you re­al­ize that this per­son is feel­ing ro­man­tic about you and, un­like some­one else, truly likes you. Don't be taken in by some­one this week who does not un­der­stand you. You have only one at­trac­tion for this per­son and I'll give you three guesses, free. :ork is sat­is­fy­ing this week as you ac­com­plish more in less time. Your dreams this week may tend to be on the vague side but a few things may get through for you to med­i­tate on.

Scor­pio - Oc­to­ber 3 - 1ovem­ber 1 Diplo­macy is your great­est strength, and you may be called on to put it to good use this week as you are ap­pointed me­di­a­tor by your friends and fam­ily. Ev­ery­thing you do, you do well and this sit­u­a­tion is no ex­cep­tion. ow­ever, do not get too deeply in­volved in the per­sonal af­fairs of other peo­ple, you could end up be­ing the 'bad guy' in their minds if the de­ci­sions did not go their way. If you treat all strangers well you may find you're deal­ing with an­gels un­awares. Dreams are noth­ing much this week, so try med­i­ta­tion for prob­lem-solv­ing.

Sagit­tar­ius - 1ovem­ber - De­cem­ber 1

A new job or po­si­tion is com­ing your way and it looks like a good one to latch onto. A friend needs a sym­pa­thetic ear and yours is the cho­sen one. Your ad­vice is as sound as you al­ways make it and you save your friend from mak­ing a bad mis­take. An ag­gres­sive in­di­vid­ual is not a happy per­son and you find this out this week as you tread on the wrong toes and get an amaz­ing re­ac­tion. Chil­dren will need your guid­ance, so plan to work with your lo­cal youth groups. Dreams this week will be vivid and will pos­si­bly an­swer some Tues­tions that have had you puz­zled.

Capri­corn- De­cem­ber - -an­uary

A friend may ask a fa­vor from you that you re­ally don't want to do, so you let this per­son down easy as you help him find help else­where. This week will find you go­ing on a re­fur­bish­ing spree ei­ther at home or at the of­fice; don't let those ex­pen­di­tures get too far out of hand. If you are not the boss or the owner, use com­mon sense at work this week. You are highly creative, but the boss may not like your ap­proach to a par­tic­u­lar project he/she has out­lined for you to do their way. Your dreams this week will be help­ful in all ar­eas if you pay close at­ten­tion to them. They can even warn you if you are on the brink of trou­ble.

ATuar­ius -an­uary 1- Fe­bru­ary 1

Your per­for­mance on the job is rock­ing this week as you get ev­ery­thing fin­ished way ahead of sched­ule. Be a self-starter on other things that need do­ing, but be care­ful you are not so ef­fi­cient that you work your­self out of a few hours pay by get­ting to go home early. Slow down, you are not in a race and the boss doesn't want things done that fast any­way. You pass on a good in­vest­ment idea to a friend and you both do well. A new love is on the hori­zon this week for you. Lis­ten care­fully to your dreams as they are more pro­found this week than nor­mal and have hid­den mes­sages. It would pay you to spend some time in med­i­ta­tion.

Pisces - Fe­bru­ary - March

Your week ahead could be the best you have ever had if you take ev­ery­thing in stride and with a grain or two of salt. Try to re­lax and just let peo­ple be them­selves and then you won't have to worry about try­ing to change them. Some peo­ple can't change and, in the long run, you will be glad they didn't. It would be best to re­ward hon­esty in­stead. A good raise could be yours this week at work if you play your cards right. Your dreams will be murky and not too mem­o­rable so a lot of med­i­ta­tion is in or­der if you want to glean any un­der­stand­ing from them.

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