P47 mil­lion re­al­ligned for lo­cal road projects

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- Oh ‘ taga Palawan ang laki nga ng bud­get ng pro­vin­cial ng palawan pero mga sub­stan­dard ang pag tra­baho ? Una mano mano ikalawa hindi natan­tan mabuti ang lupa , se­men­tuhin lang re­sulta pag daanan ng heavy equip­ment biak biak na ‘gaya ng kalsada atis road “. Subukan ninyo pag check, tri­cy­cle lang ang kalim­i­tan ang du­madaan mga biak na? Sana bi­gyan ng pansin ito ng Dpwh! ' Even the best avail­able road con­trac­tors in Palawan are per­mit­ted to op­er­ate at sub­stan­dard lev­els time and again, in­clud­ing long sec­tions of the Su­per High­way which is rap­ing away at the flora and fauna thru the is­land. The road sur­faces are rarely crowned in the cen­ter nor the cor­ners banked ap­pro­pri­ately, so rain wa­ter pools in var­i­ous dips and causes hy­droplan­ing ac­ci­dents. The ce­ment edge shoul­ders erode and ir­reg­u­lar shaped rocks are ex­posed, also caus­ing ac­ci­dents. The raised newly carved banks are left un­planted and or with­out rip wrap, so ero­sion fills drainage canals and cul­verts with de­bris. Su­per heavy over­loaded ve­hi­cles dam­age/crack the roads on a daily ba­sis with­out penalty. It is re­ally quite sad that, the more that things change in the name of progress, the more they stay the same in regress. 1% get rich at the ex­pense of 99% of the pop­u­la­tion.

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