Teach­ing: Our Daily Bread

Panay News - - LOCALE -  By Dr. Joel D. Ar­royo, Mas­ter Teacher I Inzo Ar­naldo Vil­lage In­te­grated School, Roxas City

WHILE teach­ing is fore­most a pro­fes­sion, it also has to be sta­ble in terms of eco­nomic re­turns to en­able teach­ers to main­tain their well-be­ing.

For one, there are teach­ers who can­not meet their daily needs sim­ply be­cause they are un­der­paid or do not re­ceive the pay they de­serve. That’s why many teach­ers have re­sorted to side­line work just to sur­vive and live de­cently. As long as their task of mold­ing the minds of their pupils or stu­dents is not af­fected or jeop­ar­dized by their act,

there’s noth­ing wrong with these. Teach­ers should not be de­prived to earn ex­tra in­come as long as this is done out­side the scope of their job.

Au­thor­i­ties should look into their plight and do some­thing about the prob­lem if we are to ex­pect them to be ef­fec­tive and morally up­right ed­u­ca­tors. While teach­ing calls for sac­ri­fice and hon­est hard work, it must also give teach­ers enough re­mu­ner­a­tion so as to pre­vent them from fall­ing prey to bad prac­tices like cor­rup­tion.

Some peo­ple be­lieve that to

be a teacher means less eco­nomic ben­e­fits and more ex­tra work and bur­den. That’s why teach­ers are con­sid­ered unsung heroes of our so­ci­ety. But we can­not ex­pect teach­ers to re­main mar­tyrs as they are stereo­typed. They also have needs and wishes in life that must be re­spected and granted so they can live as de­scent and re­spectable cit­i­zens.

The present ad­min­is­tra­tion is on the right track when it in­creased the bud­get for ed­u­ca­tion this year. While the ben­e­fits re­cently ac­corded the teach­ers may not

be enough, it is a good start that would even­tu­ally al­low for more priv­i­leges and ben­e­fits to­wards the teach­ing pro­fes­sion.

Since we con­sider teach­ing as our vo­ca­tion, it can­not be de­nied that it is also the source of our day-to-day needs. While it is a source of our in­spi­ra­tion and one of the rea­sons for our be­ing, we can­not leave our plight alone to the coun­try’s plan­ners or lead­ers. We have to ac­tively take part on ac­tions geared to­wards mak­ing the teach­ing pro­fes­sion a well-pay­ing

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