DENR look­ing into pos­si­ble open-pit min­ing ‘al­ter­na­tives’

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a al­ter­na­tive, maibi­gay na paano na mangya­yari ‘yon? Para ring smin­i­naib­nig ,” Lae­toin­nen­saad­w­daelda.

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An anti-min­ing pro­tester speaks dur­ing a rally out­side a ho­tel where the Philip­pines’ an­nual min­ing con­fer­ence is held on Wed­nes­day.


A de­tailed aeriel pho­to­graph pro­vides a rare cloud-free view of the north­ern end of Semi­rara Is­land in An­tique. The north­ern part of the is­land is dom­i­nated by the Pa­nian Coal­field, the largest of three coal­fields on the is­land. Most of the coal is used for en­ergy gen­er­a­tion in the Philip­pines, with some ex­ported to In­dia and China.


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