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you are busy over the week­days, all you need over the week­end is to take enough sleep and long rest. You tend to be lazy and do noth­ing. When your work re­quires more neu­rons to study and fin­ish cases, you re­ally set aside week­ends for less neu­rons us­age.

How­ever, this is not al­ways the There is a for­mal an­nounce­ment case es­pe­cially when you bumped of the ver­dict against him. Usu­ally, with an old friend and grilled you con­vic­tion comes af­ter a le­gal trial. with le­gal ques­tions. And you can’t The process in con­vic­tion in say no be­cause she wants to be crim­i­nal cases is usu­ally ex­ten­sive. en­light­ened with what the law says. Af­ter con­vic­tion, the per­son is sub­ject

We talked loads of le­gal mat­ters to a sen­tence de­pend­ing on the in re­la­tion to the war on drugs, fake na­ture of the crime he is con­victed news, and con­tin­u­ous trial. One of and the penalty im­posed by the the things she asked me, which I also law. Of course, there is that usual want to share in this col­umn, was the pro­nounce­ment of the penalty. The dif­fer­ence be­tween “charges” and court gives the con­vict a cer­tain “con­vic­tion.” This is a lit­tle bit tricky pe­riod to ap­peal his case. But the be­cause oth­ers would use these two said sen­tence takes ef­fect even while words in­ter­change­ably. ap­peals oc­cur.

When a per­son is “charged” Re­mem­ber, once a per­son is with a crime, a for­mal al­le­ga­tion charged with an of­fense he goes to of an of­fense is made. This for­mal court where he is ei­ther con­victed al­le­ga­tion is a state­ment which is or ac­quit­ted. It means that he or she not yet proven. When you charge may be found guilty or not guilty. If some­one, you are ac­cus­ing him of a the case is dis­missed, the per­son is crime. Once charged, the per­son goes not con­victed. How­ever, he is still to court for a full blown trial. con­sid­ered charged.

On the other hand, when a per­son This was my dis­cus­sion with is “con­victed,” he has been proven my friend. And I think she re­ally HELLO, or de­clared guilty of the of­fense. needs these be­cause my friend is an as­pir­ing lawyer.

Speak­ing of “as­pir­ing lawyer,” there is one more month to go be­fore the Novem­ber Bar ex­ams. All Bar tak­ers are now hi­ber­nat­ing be­cause the days are num­bered when they will un­leash their men­tal and rea­son­ing pow­ers. And ac­cord­ing to a the­atri­cal slang: “Break a leg!”

*** ( Atty. Ayin Dream D. Aplasca prac­tices her pro­fes­sion in Iloilo City. She may be reached thru ayin­dream. PN)

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