Manapla man killed in mo­tor­cy­cle ac­ci­dent

Panay News - - METRO ILOILO | METRO BACOLOD -  By Cyrus Garde

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Se­nior Po­lice Of­fi­cer 1 Mady­lene Bac­ule dis­trib­utes fly­ers con­tain­ing safety tips to women at the health cen­ter in Barangay Granada, Ba­colod City around 10 a.m. on April 4, Wednesday. The flyer dis­tri­bu­tion is part of Ba­colod City Po­lice Of­fice’s...


How much are they th­ese days? A ven­dor drives a trisikad to ferry bam­boo poles he is sell­ing as he ne­go­ti­ates Lopez Jaena Street, Molo, Iloilo City. He says each pole costs be­tween P80 and P100. In Iloilo, Maasin town is con­sid­ered the province’s...

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