The Stranger, Part 2

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[Pre­vi­ously] Ubal woke up in Mad­lus, a strange world with three suns, where he met Stok who trans­fused him with his blood. Ubal also no­ticed a strange or­gan

took Ubal’s arm, and led Ubal saw Stok con­vulse as if some grow­ing out of his chest. him away. in­vis­i­ble force has pos­sessed his body.

On the short path they walked Stok started vom­it­ing some shiny, to Stok’s home, Ubal was rest­less. He shim­mer­ing stones. Ubal picked up didn’t un­der­stand any­thing. Ev­ery­thing three of th­ese stones. “Where did th­ese he saw be­came a puz­zle, or a rid­dle. come from?”

They en­tered a dark cave. Stok “You saw where.” took an empty seashell, drew some “But what are th­ese?” glit­ter­ing liq­uid from a tiny we l, and “I do not know their name or tossed it on the sandy floor. In­stantly, pur­pose,” Stok forced a smile, “Per­haps, the whole room of the cave was lighted. they are just beauty over­flow­ing.” Ubal saw no fur­ni­ture. In­stead, there “Beauty?” were dried leaves piled in the form of “Per­haps, if you con­sider the suns’ chairs and a bed. en­ergy as a lover,” Stok ex­plained,

When Ubal woke up the next day, “you would un­der­stand ev­ery­thing a the sky looked as if it were painted lot eas­ier.” with blood. Af­ter break­fast, Stok led Stok took the shim­mer­ing stones him to the clear­ing on top of Bato- from Ubal’s hand, and threw them Nasid­lan­gan. Stok pointed out the eye into the yel­low water flow­ing from of the red sun, “Face the light of Pin­tas, the spring along their path. Al­most and lis­ten to what it says.” im­me­di­ately, the water be­came clear,

Ubal stud­ied the burn­ing bright­ness and there ap­peared be­fore them a of the red sun Pin­tas. Stok looked at it beau­ti­ful mys­ter­i­form at­tired in gold. with deep re­flec­tion. Stok wasted no time, and dropped “What does the light te l you, Ubal?” on one knee. Ubal did the same even “What do you mean?” though he did not un­der­tand what was “Isn’t Pin­tas ask­ing for a sac­ri­fice hap­pen­ing. from you?” The mys­te­ri­ous ap­pari­tion, with

Ubal’s face wrin­kled. He felt the its long red hair and skin translu­cent or­bis on his chest stiffen. Af­ter reach­ing like opal, just stared at them. The a length of about a foot, it had stopped mys­ter­i­form had no­tice­able mengkus grow­ing. and sis­meglan so Ubal guessed it was

“What sac­ri­fice?” Ubal asked. “What fe­male. It stirred his or­bis into a stiff do you mean?” erec­tion.

“Didn’t it come to you,” Stok said as The mys­ter­i­form smiled. he gazed at the burn­ing eye of the red While Stok was bowed, Ubal sun, “that this ad­ven­ture of yours won’t stud­ied the beau­ti­ful mys­ter­i­form. He come to any­thing un­til you have made wanted to know more about it, per­haps a proper sac­ri­fice?” ask its name.

Ubal didn’t an­swer, and Stok didn’t “I am Yang­gaw of Busay­lak. You say any­thing else. A brief si­lence both be care­ful, but es­pe­cially you, en­sued un­til Stok hung his san­duko stranger.” sword around his waist. Then, they Ubal un­der­stood the mys­ter­i­form’s started their de­scent through the mes­sage even if he no­ticed that its lips sharp rocks. didn’t even move.

While they were climb­ing down, “Go an­other way,” she warned, “you don’t want to meet Kriyum while Pin­tas and Sheme are hav­ing a show­down.” Yang­gaw pointed Kirkir, and the fe­male ap­pari­tion dis­ap­peared like a burp.

Ubal and Stok crossed Ping­gon Hill, and rested for a while. As Ubal was con­tem­plat­ing the char­ac­ter­is­tic pow­ers of the blue sun, Sheme, that was fight­ing off with the burn­ing strength of Pin­tas, Stok went to cut down some fruit trees.

Ubal saw Stok hug­ging the trees be­fore hack­ing them down with his san­duko, but the stranger had de­cided that things were so strange in this mys­te­ri­ous is­land he found him­self in that he didn’t give any more thought to it. He sim­ply con­tin­ued look­ing at the du­el­ing suns that he thought made his blood dance like crazy. He felt a long­ing, and a cer­tain rest­less­ness.

Stok called him to eat, and he im­me­di­ately joined Stok. “Eat.” “What is this fruit? Why does it have eyes?”

Stok ig­nored his ques­tions. In­stead, he cut a red­dish gourd-look­ing fruit in halves, and showed Ubal how to eat it. (To be con­tin­ued/ PN)

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