Cig­a­rette sales­man held up, loses cash

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Why driv­ers would park along the busy Forbes Bridge in Iloilo City is be­yond un­der­stand­ing. Per­son­nel of the lo­cal gov­ern­ment’s Pub­lic Safety and Trans­porta­tion Man­age­ment Of­fice put a no­tice of vi­o­la­tion on one of the cars for il­le­gal park­ing and road ob­struc­tion, in this April 11, 2018 photo.


A meat ven­dor at the Iloilo Cen­tral Mar­ket hands change to a cus­tomer. He claims the price of pork has gone up to be­tween P230 and P240 be­cause the sup­ply has “dwin­dled.”

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