Half-year un­der­wa­ter cleanup in An­tique’s No­gas Is­land be­gins

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No­gas Is­land is a pop­u­lar div­ing site lo­cated in An­tique’s south­ern­most town of Anini-y. It takes about 15 to 20 min­utes via boat to reach the is­land known for its white sands and coral reefs.


Mem­bers of the Basecamp Divers Iloilo col­lect crown of thorns – a starfish species that preys upon hard or stony coral polyps – in the wa­ters of No­gas Is­land on Sept. 30.


Crown of thorns ( Acan­thaster planci) is the sec­ond largest starfish species in the world. It can grow to be over half a me­ter wide and is a se­ri­ous threat to coral reefs. If out­breaks of these coral killers are not con­trolled im­me­di­ately they will con­tinue to spread.

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