Cupid’s Hits and Misses

The god of love aims for the heart—but some­times he misses

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t’s that time of the year when adorable but of­ten naughty Cupid takes his bow and aims it at hearts, dahlins’— and no one is spared when he takes aim! Let’s start with the happy hearts around town. One of my dear­est palangga, the vi­va­cious and ul­tra-tal­ented de­signer, Cha­rina Sarte, is hap­pily en­gaged to her su­per nice and good-look­ing French boyfriend Valentin Kretz who pre­sented her with a daz­zling en­gage­ment ring and will set their big day some­time this year. A great way to end three years of long and short dis­tance to­geth­er­ness for the dar­ling de­signer of the coun­try’s well­dressed so­ci­ety.

An­other one be­long­ing to the gang of the “It” gals is the gor­geous, suc­cess­ful, in­ter­na­tion­ally renowned bag ex­porter Ro­cio Olbes. She will have a grand wed­ding early this year to a gen­tle­man-about-town who has been linked to some of our glam­orous and smart bach­e­lorettes—hand­some An­to­nio Res­sano, an ADB senior ur­ban de­vel­op­ment spe­cial­ist. Après a short courtship, the lovers de­cided to say their “I do’s,” break­ing the hearts of many bach­e­lors and bach­e­lorettes. C’est la vie, dahlings!

Now, for Cupid’s misses that re­sulted in many a bro­ken heart.

Sul­try head-turner beauty said her “adios” to her good-look­ing old famille hus­band. Par­ents to their two chil­dren, they’ve been to­gether sev­eral years and every­one thought theirs was a happy mar­riage. But then no­body re­ally knows what broke the straw off the camel’s back. What­ever it was, the fact is both the ex-wife and ex-hus­band are free as birds, palang­gas, and fly­ing to free­dom!

An­other shocker was the sep­a­ra­tion of two of our town’s old wealth familles. Every­one thought they were the per­fect and nicest pair who were mar­ried for sev­eral years. But only a few months ago, I saw the wife, a beau­ti­ful fem­i­nine beauty, in sev­eral clubs with just her friends. It had me think­ing why her hus­band was never seen with her. Now, I have the of­fi­cial word that the cou­ple have de­cided to go their own sep­a­rate ways.

And fi­nally, we have the bind­ing of to­geth­er­ness with­out hav­ing to go to the “rough path” of keep­ing a mar­riage bloom­ing.

We start with the gor­geous TV host Issa Lit­ton and ABS- CBN’s Head of Sales Philip Cu-Un­jieng who are hap­pier and more in love than ever après a cou­ple of years of be­ing to­gether, but not liv­ing to­gether—which many say is “the se­cret of a last­ing love.”

The best ex­am­ple of this is the love af­fair of a cou­ple who have been to­gether for 24 years but keep­ing their own pri­vate pads. That is how they give each other a breather from each other. Yes, palang­gas, be­lieve me: it WORKS!!! Happy Valen­tine’s to all you happy lovers, re­gard­less of be­ing mar­ried or not. N’est-ce pas?

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