What’s in and what’s out is not al­ways a sign of good taste; Mau­rice Ar­cache has his own way of know­ing

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Be­ing stylish isn’t just about go­ing with trends, but also in­volves pair­ing good taste with a dis­cern­ing eye

Fash­ion glossies and life­style pages to­day are full of what’s in and what’s out that you’d think there is no ex­cuse for any style­savvy per­son to com­mit a fash­ion faux pas. Not nec­es­sar­ily so. You see, some­thing that is in vogue doesn’t mean that it fi ts ev­ery­one. Like peo­ple pair­ing sneak­ers with suits or gowns, which never fails to send shiv­ers down my spine. Men even wear them with busi­ness suits. Oh well. I must ad­mit that some peo­ple can pull this look off. Like that vi­va­cious trend­set­ter Kitty Go who looked great wear­ing a gown and sneak­ers! I loved it at the time be­cause she was truly unique, a vi­sion­ary of what was to come, who truly set her­self apart from the rest of the “fash­ion­able women” at that time.

Once at a grand ball, I saw two women wear­ing gowns of the very same de­sign and colour, ap­par­ently copied from a Fash­ion Week show in New York by two cou­turi­ers with ob­vi­ously the same taste. Horror of hor­rors! You can just imag­ine the look on their faces when they saw each other. At least one of them had the body and the el­e­gance to look good in the gown; but, sadly, the other was on the heav­ier side and all the fat in her body could clearly be seen in the way the gown was de­signed. Ouch. I can­not fault the sec­ond woman for her bad taste; her de­signer should not have cho­sen that de­sign for her. N’est-ce pas?

I can think of many ways of how some women in­ten­tion­ally mis­match their clothes, ac­ces­sories, and shoes. I will not get into that dahling, but let’s just say that be­ing fash­ion­able some­times means look­ing even more ridicu­lous.

Be­fore I end my piece, I have to say that your be­haviour can also make you unglam­orous. This in­cludes any­thing from how you treat your staff to your ta­ble man­ners. Those who don’t have proper eti­quette are not only unglam­orous, they are ab­so­lutely vul­gar. So there!

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