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Ah, the hip­pie-dip­pie gra­nola ’70s. Au na­turel was the craze: grown-out hair on brows, heads and ev­ery­where else—there was just so much to do with manes! Grand­mas have told us sto­ries about crazy lengths, flowers in their hair, and how they would iron their locks with lit­eral irons on boards. For the ones who would come as they were, hair was all about tex­ture. Un­touched, fluffy hair is usu­ally the most healthy, and this is what this sea­son wants to recre­ate. At Alexan­der Mcqueen, lengths and lengths of tex­tured hair were loosely gath­ered into low pony­tails, with some strands stray­ing from the tie. Recre­ate this the next time you wear your flared jeans by braid­ing some sec­tions of your hair into half-inch-thick braids and leav­ing them overnight. It’s im­por­tant to braid just a few sec­tions for a more nat­u­ral wave, but if you want in­stant re­sults, take W Elite’s 3-in-1 Salon Pro­fes­sional Curl­ing Iron (P1709, to your tresses and clamp on the sec­tions around your face, and some at the ends. Tie into a pony­tail, then pull the tie down un­til some strands fall out. Groovy.

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