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Ed­ward Bar­ber’s mom, Cather­ine, says that when he was a young boy, she thought that he would be­come a priest. He al­ways made the sign of the cross when they would pass a church or even a pic­ture of a church on the high­way signs. “Even his sis­ter thought it was weird! But his grand­fa­ther thought that he would be­come an ac­tor be­cause he loved to copy Sponge­bob or Stitch!” Ed­ward then cor­rects her, “It was more of Stitch, not so much Sponge­bob!” But his mom has the last word: “But ad­mit it, you can do both!” She also re­veals that he is very good at ac­cents, and he obliges. In fact, he kept the whole set in stitches with his ac­cents and im­pres­sions. The fun­ni­est act, of course, is when he im­i­tates May­may, hand ges­tures, strong Bisaya ac­cent and all. He has such a nat­u­ral gift for lan­guages that when in­side the Big Brother house, he told May­may, “I think I know more Ta­ga­log than you know English, so just talk to me in Ta­ga­log and I’ll fig­ure it out.” He had stud­ied some Latin as his lan­guage elec­tive in his school in Ger­many, so he says Ta­ga­log is not that hard. He also used to come home to the Philip­pines for hol­i­days and just paid more at­ten­tion while do­ing his chal­lenges.

Ed­ward is a bit of a pes­simist. “I never ever thought I would make it as long as I did. I was so sure that I would be the first to be elim­i­nated.” He ad­mits, “When we were do­ing the Bench bill­board shoots, I was so sure that I would be edited and that they would only use the ones with May­may.”

Ed­ward was deemed “The Cheer­ful Charmer from Ger­many,” so it’s sur­pris­ing that he should be such a wor­rier. Asked if his nick­name re­flects his true per­son­al­ity, he shrugs and says, “Ac­tu­ally, I pre­fer keep­ing quiet and ob­serv­ing peo­ple first. I’m re­ally not that talk­a­tive.” He also clar­i­fies that he is not Ger­man. “My dad is English, but he was able to find good work in Ger­many, that’s why we grew up there.”

Not­with­stand­ing his gift for im­pres­sions, he never thought that he would en­joy act­ing as much as he does now. “We were in the mid­dle of pre­par­ing his IB (In­ter­na­tional Bac­calau­re­ate) so that he could ap­ply to univer­sity when the of­fer to join PBB came in,” Cather­ine ex­plains. And in Ed­ward’s words, “I can seriously say that I would not have a ca­reer if it weren’t for Lizquen. It was all be­cause of Forever­more. I didn’t even re­ally watch that much tele­vi­sion, but when I saw Liza Sober­ano, that was it. I also started to watch Dolce Amore and when we found out that they were do­ing a show in Ger­many, we (with his mother and his sis­ter) de­cided to check it out.” While the three of them were in line, they were scouted and asked if they wanted to reg­is­ter for the Big Brother au­di­tions.

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