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When asked why they get along so well, Ed­ward says, “I know what she’s think­ing. I know that some­times, if she doesn’t re­ally want to an­swer a ques­tion, she’ll just make you laugh. She is one of the most gen­uinely happy peo­ple I have ever met. When we first met, I thought, ‘Oh, she must be hid­ing some­thing.’ Or it’s some kind of mask. But no, it’s real. When there was a beauty-contest chal­lenge in the house and Pre­cious Lara Quiga­man tried to break the girls and bring up all the in­se­cu­ri­ties they had, only May­may didn’t cry and break down. Whether it was some com­ments on her looks or her past, she could just take it all in stride and shrug it off.”

When I ask him if he had ever heard some of the com­ments made about them that could be po­ten­tially hurt­ful, I didn’t think that he would just blurt out and ask May­may on the spot. “Hey, May, some peo­ple say that I’m pret­tier than you!” And sure enough, she was non­plussed. “See, she gen­uinely doesn’t care.” Of course, their fans want them to be a cou­ple, but Ed­ward in­sists that they are just good friends. Well, he is all of 17 and she just turned 20 this year, so com­mit­ments can wait. He does ad­mit that their bond runs deep. “With what we went through in the house, she is the per­son who knows me best. She knows me bet­ter than some of the peo­ple I grew up with. If to­mor­row I sud­denly have to move back to Europe, it would be very hard for me.”

May­may says of Ed­ward: “He is so dif­fer­ent from other for­eign­ers. In Camiguin, of course, I would also see for­eign­ers, but they were so se­ri­ous! But when I would make faces at Ed­ward, in­side the house, he would do the same!” When asked why Ed­ward so quickly learned Ta­ga­log from her and she didn’t learn English from him, she rea­sons, “I’m very gen­er­ous! I want him to be the one to learn from me!”

Even Ben Chan no­ticed this chem­istry. “I can see that it’s real. They re­ally do get along, and it’s not fake. It’s not just for the cam­eras at all, like some love teams do it. And that is why their so­cial-me­dia num­bers are what they are.” His sis­ter, Nenita ChanLim, saw their magic early on. “I watched them when they were still in­side the house and it was so funny to see them.”

For their Pre­ video, May­may gets to ap­ply makeup on Ed­ward. She does it with pal­pa­ble glee and he begs for mercy and makes sure the timer doesn’t ex­ceed the al­lot­ted five min­utes. They are both in hys­ter­ics by the time the chal­lenge is com­pleted. But will May­ward ex­ceed their 15 min­utes of fame? They may be the fla­vor of the sea­son or the most tal­ented love team of their gen­er­a­tion. Only time will tell, but for this mo­ment, they are hav­ing the time of their lives.

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