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WALLS Why does paint peel over time? How

can I solve this? “if paint peels from an in­te­rior wall, it is be­cause the paint does not stick prop­erly to the sur­face be­neath. this is caused by moist walls, an im­prop­erly pre­pared sur­face, in­com­pat­i­ble paint lay­ers, and poor qual­ity paint. to avoid this, as­sess and pre­pare the area and sur­face and clean the sur­face be­fore paint­ing. prep the wall with a solid primer, and never paint a room be­fore and af­ter rain­fall to avoid mois­ture. also, re­search about the paint you want be­fore buy­ing.”

What should I do if the paint starts

peel­ing? “Scrape away the loose paint, re­pair any cracks on the wall with patch­ing com­pound, and sand it to make it smooth be­fore ap­ply­ing primer. Clean the wall with cloth to re­move dirt. Seal and pre­vent mois­ture prob­lem by ap­ply­ing the primer and al­low­ing it to dry ac­cord­ingly. then ap­ply the paint, al­low it to dry, and ap­ply a sec­ond coat if de­sired.”

How about peel­ing wall­pa­per? What

should I do with it? “to re­pair it, ap­ply wall­pa­per ad­he­sive with a paint brush. Cover the en­tire piece with wall­pa­per ad­he­sive, es­pe­cially the ends. press it back onto place, and smooth it down with clean hands or a roller. to fix bub­bles un­derneath the sur­face, check or feel the bub­ble to de­ter­mine if in­ad­e­quate glu­ing causes it or if there is dirt un­derneath. Slice a small X into the bub­ble with a cut­ter then flat­ten the bub­ble or re­move the dirt. ap­ply wall­pa­per ad­he­sive to the back of the wall­pa­per, then roll the pa­per back into place with a damp rag.”


When is it time to re­place light bulbs? “it’s time to change light bulbs when it of­ten burns out or over­heats, or when the lamp color and wattage are not ap­pro­pri­ate for a task usu­ally done in a cer­tain room,” Jane says. also, con­sider buy­ing a new set when you’re al­ready spend­ing too much on high-en­ergy consumption.


WHEN IS IT TIME TO CHANGE MY flOOR­ING? “re­gard­less of the qual­ity and type of floor­ing you have, it will reach a point where it needs re­place­ment—when it is no longer func­tional, no longer in good con­di­tion be­cause of wear and tear, when it is al­ready out­dated, and no longer safe. any dam­age done to the floor­ing are usu­ally reme­died by re­plac­ing it. For floor­ing that has be­come dull, which is what usu­ally hap­pens to vinyl, wood, and ce­ramic or porce­lain floor­ing, you can re­fur­bish it with prod­ucts made for restor­ing shine.”

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