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To get you started, here’s a ba­sic way to press fo­liage and blooms

YOu’ll nEED:

• Se­caTeurs or gar­den scis­sors • Ves­seLs for sorT­ing and sTor­ing

sTeMs in wa­Ter • A sMaLL roLLer for fLaT­Ten­ing Leaves (This couLd Be a sMaLL pas­Try roLLing pin) • A crafT knife for dis­secT­ing

Bigger fLow­ers Like hiBis­cus • FLower press • CoT­Ton sheeTs/MusLin/BLoT­Ting pa­per for pLac­ing Be­Tween fLow­ers and Leaves • thick card To hoLd your press

in pLace • GLass and/or fraMes

HOw tO:

1. Pick fLow­ers firsT Thing in The Morn­ing, when They are Their fresh­esT.

2. IM­Me­di­aTeLy af­Ter cuT­Ting, pLunge The sTeMs inTo coLd wa­Ter and re-cuT The sTeMs un­der wa­Ter aT an an­gLe To aB­sorB even More wa­Ter.

3. Re­Move any sTa­Mens and wipe Leaves cLean.

4. Care­fuLLy fLaT­Ten fLow­ers and Leaves wiTh roLLer.

5. If you don’T have a fLower press, heavy Books weighTed down wiTh a Brick or Two wiLL work. You’LL need aB­sorBenT/ BLoT­Ting pa­per or MusLin pLaced Be­Tween fLow­ers. leave ½cM Be­Tween each iTeM Be­ing pressed.

6. leave The press in a cooL, dry pLace and waiT a week, re­pLac­ing The pa­per if nec­es­sary. leave for a fur­Ther 2-3 weeks.

7. Your fLow­ers and/or Leaves shouLd now Be ready for pLace­MenT and fraM­ing.

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