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10 A Alabama—a venue for art fairs and res­ur­rected fur­ni­ture

1. Chi­nese sym­bols

Con: You can never re­ally be sure what they mean. Pro: Not only is it a good throw­back to ‘90s stock tat­toos, you can al­ways tat­too the sym­bol of your fa­vorite Chi­nese dish and have it with you at all times.

2. Bar­codes

Con: You will live the rest of your life like a gro­cery store item, un­less you opt for re­moval. Pro: If it’s your fa­vorite item at a par­tic­u­lar gro­cery store, you will never have to worry about price check.

3. A loved one’s face

Con: If the tat­too artist messes it up, you’ll have a tat­too of a stranger. Pro: You will al­ways have some­one smil­ing at you fondly from your arm, whether in color or in black and white.

4. Re­li­gious sym­bols from reli­gions you’re not that fa­mil­iar with

Con: If your tat­too is eas­ily vis­i­ble, you risk Pro: It might make it eas­ier for you to join that par­tic­u­lar re­li­gion at some point.

Con: You won’t re­ally be able to get any­one to be quiet. Pro: You will be one step closer to ac­cu­rately dress­ing up as Ri­hanna or Lind­say Lo­han at a cos­tume party.

6. “Only God Can Judge Me”

Con: You run the risk of oth­ers play­ing God and judg­ing you any­way. Pro: There’s a daily mo­ti­va­tional right on your body.

7. Per­sonal be­liefs or pref­er­ences like “Veg­e­tar­ian” or “Straight Edge”

Con: A plate of ba­con or see­ing people roll their eyes at you can make this an eas­ily re­gret­table de­ci­sion. Pro: If you’re re­ally into it, there’s ab­so­lutely noth­ing wrong with a lit­tle pride.

8. Teardrop tat­toos

Con: Depend­ing on how many you get, and on which side, you may end up look­ing like an emoji. Pro: In places with gangs, no one will cross you be­cause they think you’ve killed some­one. Or if it’s re­ally your thing, you may look like an emoji.

9. Ac­tual emoji

Con: You may not en­joy the irony when emo­jis be­come ob­so­lete. Pro: You may en­joy the irony when emo­jis be­come ob­so­lete.

10. The name of the per­son you love right now in a ques­tion­able font

Con: You can fall out of love with a per­son, even if you love yourself so much you tat­tooed your own name. Pro: When you meet an­other per­son with the same name you can tell them it’s fate and that you’re made for each other.

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