Can’t bake? Fret not, we got you cov­ered with th­ese easy-to-make treats


Ba­con. Red vel­vet. Choco­late fudge. Just say the magic word: Voila!

T ra­di­tional bak­ing is a hard science. It’s tougher than straight-up cooking, where you could ex­per­i­ment a bit by putting all sorts of in­gre­di­ents in a skil­let. In bak­ing, what goes in­side an oven and how it’s baked has to be ab­so­lutely pre­cise. That, cou­pled with all the fancier and spe­cial­ized stuff you’ll need for it, might just be why bak­ing isn’t for ev­ery­one, even if you know your way around a kitchen.

But now, cake fans don’t have to worry at all—we’ve got in­no­va­tions like ref cakes, mug cakes, d Voila Jar Cakes, for which you don’t have to know how to bake and need to or­der a huge cake just to sat­isfy a crav­ing. With Voila Jar Cakes, cre­ated by en­tre­pre­neur Ryan Tan as his own way of “mak­ing the world a hap­pier place,” you’ll only need a mi­crowave to have your­self a lit­tle bit of awesomeness in no time.

We’re not kid­ding: All you have to do is mix the con­tents with some wa­ter and mi­crowave it in the jar for a minute. Once the cake is done, you can top it with fruits, whipped cream, and other sweets if you want. There’s so much you can do with one, and you don’t even need to take a sin­gle bak­ing class! If you wanna see the magic hap­pen in reel time, go check out our video demo over on Scout­!

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