Dear Scouts,

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Dear Scouts,

More than a few of you are prob­a­bly bran­dish­ing some shiny, new toys that you got over the hol­i­days. Per­son­ally, tech­nol­ogy doesn’t give me the same rush as, say, a scented can­dle. (So tita, I know.) But, I mean, I get it. Who doesn’t smile like an id­iot when­ever their photo gets a ton of likes? Chi Gibbs and Aira Me­d­ina, the tal­ented duo be­hind cloth­ing line Neon Is­land and this month’s cover girls, game so­cial me­dia like it’s their job, which it kind of is. I mean, I found out about Neon Is­land while brows­ing through Instagram a few months ago, and now they’re on the cover of Scout. You have to ad­mit, that’s pretty wild.

But what so­cial me­dia giveth, so­cial me­dia taketh away, as il­lus­trated in Rob Cham and Shinji Man­lan­git’s funny/de­press­ing comic this month. I’m sure all the #In­staFa­mous blog­gers who suf­fered dur­ing The Great Instagram Purge of 2014 will find it too real. If you want a sure shot at suc­cess (with­out the help of spam bots), you’re bet­ter off read­ing our in­ter­view with White Wid­get’s chief tech­ni­cal of­fi­cer An­drea Levinge, who is a uni­corn in the tech and gam­ing in­dus­try. To para­phrase Gil­foyle from Sil­i­con Val­ley (can’t wait for sea­son two!), af­ter read­ing about her, you will also be gay for her code.

Not that I can read code. I didn’t even re­al­ize that cod­ing is ba­si­cally an es­sen­tial life skill now, like know­ing Pho­to­shop. It’s crazy. I find it so tough to keep up some­times. Like, why does there have to be a new model of my smart­phone ev­ery year, when the one I have right now is work­ing just fine? Why do peo­ple camp out­side Ap­ple stores? Why do you need a new PS4 in white, when you just bought in black?!

This pre­oc­cu­pa­tion with ev­ery­thing new, new, new gives me anx­i­ety. I look at the world from my lap­top screen and I can see we’re en­ter­ing an age ruled by al­go­rithms, bit­coins, and Google Glass. I can’t even begin to fathom what all of that is sup­posed to mean be­cause num­ber one, it’s all hap­pen­ing so quickly, and num­ber two, math. (Can­not com­pute.)

Over here at Scout, things are chang­ing, too. I still re­mem­ber the tight coil of ner­vous­ness I felt when I wrote my first Edi­tor’s Note for this mag­a­zine, and I feel it again now that it’s my last. Scout was my chance to make the mag­a­zine I al­ways wanted grow­ing up, and now that I have, it’s time for me to pass it down to the team of amaz­ing young tal­ents who’ve been killing it since they came on­board: Mara, Martin, Je­lena, Pepi—you are the best team a fledg­ling edi­tor in chief could ever ask for. Keep mak­ing me proud.

Be­fore I hit “re­fresh” on my time here in Scout, I’d like to take this op­por­tu­nity to thank you, awe­some read­ers for sup­port­ing this scrappy rag from Day One. A lot of peo­ple didn’t un­der­stand what we were try­ing to do here, which why I was so re­lieved that you guys got it. I’d also like to in­tro­duce the mag­a­zine’s new edi­tor in chief: Jed Gre­go­rio. You are the first per­son I thought of when I made this de­ci­sion, and I couldn’t be more ex­cited to see where you’ll be tak­ing Scout next.

As for me? Iron­i­cally, as ap­pre­hen­sive as I am about tech­nol­ogy, I won’t be able to es­cape it at my next job. Hey, if you can’t beat ‘em…

For the next few months, Scout is go­ing to be hang­ing around cam­puses with cup­cakes and cof­fee in tow, like that overly ea­ger new kid who just wants to be liked. (Weren’t we all that kid?) Prom­ise you’ll stop by and say hi?

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