Hus­band-Priest: No more celibacy?

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IS it okay for a hus­band to be­come a priest? Should priests be al­lowed to get mar­ried? I love you Pope Fran­cis! I know that in our midst there are men who be­long to the “viripro­bati” (mar­ried men of great faith). A good hus­band of strong faith who is an ideal fa­ther of a fam­ily is needed in our Catholic Church to be an ideal priest for the faith­ful.

We have good priests who have been serv­ing the flock of Christ. They, too, have their bi­o­log­i­cal needs… and have the will­ing­ness to par­take in the le­gal and nor­mal process of “go and mul­ti­ply.” Why should we oblige them “to be boxed” in celibacy. The im­po­si­tion of celibacy by the Church (not by God) to our priests has al­ready cre­ated “dis­creet scan­dal.” We all know that there are good priest in our parishes who have chil­dren. I call it “spir­i­tual ac­ci­dent.”

It is hard to be­lieve that a charis­matic priest will not be courted by the young beau­ti­ful women in the parishes. I call it “mu­tual ad­mi­ra­tion begets mu­tual ad­mi­ra­tion.” A hu­man priest is a nor­mal be­ing. He ex­pe­ri­ences erec­tion and wet dreams.

He can­not just play his toy while mouthing a litany of ejac­u­la­tions for the saints. Just like wa­ter in the river, that emo­tion will flow in low-ly­ing ar­eas to find its level. We have heard of scan­dals that women (hope­fully young) get in­side the room of the priest in a con­vent and stay there for two hours.

We can­not just con­clude that they are pray­ing the rosary. There are min­is­ters and pas­tors serv­ing other re­li­gions who are per­ceived to be happy hus­bands.

Their wives and chil­dren be­come part of their con­gre­ga­tion. My grand­fa­ther, Padre Leon Fa­bil­lar, was an Agli­payan priest. He was as­signed in sev­eral mis­sions and churches in Panay. He was well-loved by his parish­ioners. His sec­ond wife (Cerela) took good care of mother and me when he died. It was ru­mored that women were run­ning af­ter him in his younger days. That could be an­other story.

The church dogma (that in­cludes celibacy) some­times made the nor­mal life of the or­di­nary priests ab­nor­mal. We are even tempted to be­lieve that Je­sus Christ had a “com­pan­ion” dur­ing his 33-year stay on earth. The Je­sus that we know lived a con­ven­tional life by be­ing closer to women.

When he was nailed on the el­e­vated log he was ac­com­pa­nied by women up to his death. That sim­ply goes to show that in ev­ery rise and fall of a man there are al­ways women around. SSBa­colod

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