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Arel­a­tive of mine has con­sis­tently used the phrase “Let us live abun­dantly”. I used to find it some­what dis­taste­ful. I have also heard evan­ge­lists and preach­ers talk of liv­ing “abun­dant” lives and tithing more as one en­joys abun­dance. Some­how I shunned away and was some­what wary of said preach­ers.

I had al­ways been raised up with val­ues of sim­plic­ity and liv­ing on ne­ces­si­ties, rather than on pur­su­ing the ful­fill­ment of one’s nu­mer­ous and un­end­ing wants, though I do oth­er­wise at times.

When I had no other book to read on a trip than “The Abun­dance For­mula” by Bro. Bo Sanchez, I sud­denly found my­self think­ing about the con­cept of “liv­ing abun­dantly”. For me, liv­ing abun­dantly means hav­ing more that what is es­sen­tial, while not be­ing showy and pre­ten­tious. Does God want us to live abun­dantly? Deuteron­omy 8:18 says, “But re­mem­ber the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you the abil­ity to pro­duce wealth, and so con­firms His covenant, which He swore to your fore­fa­thers, as it is to­day.”

If God gave us the abil­ity, doesn’t He want us to use that abil­ity?

1 Pe­ter 4:10 says, “Each of us are given spe­cial abil­i­ties, use them to help oth­ers, and to share God’s many kinds of bless­ings. Are you asked to speak, then speak as though God were speak­ing thru you; are you asked to help oth­ers, then help oth­ers so that God may be glo­ri­fied.”

And Je­sus used many para­bles, in­clud­ing the fa­mous para­ble of the tal­ents, to em­pha­size God’s de­sire for us to use our abil­i­ties to pro­duce wealth.

The key to the abun­dance teach­ing is the pur­pose for pro­duc­ing wealth. It must be to give, to help! Bo Sanchez says, “Earn as much as you can.” “When you earn money, it’s not the money that’s im­por­tant. It’s who you be­come through the process of earn­ing money that is im­por­tant.”

Do we for­get that it is God who gave us our abil­i­ties?

Use them and their fruits wisely. As Rick War­ren says, “Life is a Test. Life is a Trust. And life is a Tem­po­rary As­sign­ment.”

Bo con­tin­ues and says, “Your wealth isn’t your money. Your wealth is who you are. Money is merely a sym­bol of value.”

I have a friend who was pro­moted to a po­si­tion of power that al­lows him to make tons of money. When I con­grat­u­lated and ac­knowl­edged him for hav­ing main­tained his hu­mil­ity and for not abus­ing his power, he said, “What are we in pow­Der forM? (He has kept his val­ues in­tact by re­mem­ber­ing that we are dust and unto dust we shall re­turn.)

Through the years, we have learned that in grow­ing one’s wealth, one must: 1.Build Com­pe­tence 2.Build Char­ac­ter 3.Have a Mind­set of Suc­cess

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