Knee in­jury


ONE of the most com­mon in­juries ex­pe­ri­enced in sports are knee prob­lems due to com­bined stresses or strains on the knee joints where the knee it­self can­not han­dle the stress. Stress on the knees may come from the fact that the foot strikes the ground hun­dred times per hour hav­ing the force of three times the body weight.

Imag­ine the weight and the pound­ing force the knee gets when run­ning for ex­am­ple, this in turn re­sults to knee pain when some­thing in the sup­port­ing struc­ture of the knee gives up. The kneecap nor­mally rides smoothly in a groove and is at­tached to the large quadri­ceps mus­cles of the thigh. Strong enough to pull the kneecap side­ways, and if the an­gle of the pull is twisted, the re­sult is an ir­ri­tated car­ti­lage, symp­to­matic of “run­ner’s knee” or ten­donitis. Also a va­ri­ety of fac­tors may cause this faulty biome­chan­i­cal prob­lem.

Prone to knee in­juries are most likely run­ners, as they usu­ally run through rough and hard sur­faces, run up-hill and trails, run with speed and long dis­tances, etc. that con­tin­u­ously pounds the knee caus­ing stress and in­juries.

Aside from run­ning, other fac­tors that causes knee prob­lems and in­juries are; the structural in­sta­bil­ity of the foot, such as “Mor­ton’s foot”,

weak arches or an un­sta­ble heel Short, tight calf and ham­string mus­cles, and in­flex­i­bil­ity in the sup­port­ive struc­tures of the knee joint con­trib­ute to knee prob­lems.

Also weak quadri­ceps mus­cles in re­la­tion to ham­strings can cause an im­bal­ance which af­fects the pull on the knee cap and leads to pain. Like­wise, un­equal dis­tri­bu­tion of weight due to un­equal leg length is fac­tors of knee prob­lems.

All these con­cerns about knee prob­lems or pain can be eased through avoid­ing hill and speed work in the pres­ence of knee pain or putting ice im­me­di­ately af­ter run­ning or be­fore bed­time wrap with a damp cloth can help ease knee pain and pro­motes bet­ter cir­cu­la­tion.

How­ever, the best so­lu­tion to avoid knee prob­lems is to ex­er­cise and strengthen the thigh mus­cles to avoid knee pains and prob­lems.

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