Doubt and faith

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THE prayer of St. Fran­cis of As­sisi says: “Lord, make me an in­stru­ment of Thy Peace; where there is ha­tred, let me sow love; where there is in­jury, par­don; where there is DOUBT, FAITH.

Af­ter our dis­course on the first three lines of Sr. Fran­cis’ prayer, let us now fo­cus on the fourth: “Where there is Doubt, Faith.

What is Faith? “Faith is be­ing sure of what we hope for, and be­ing cer­tain of what we do not see’” (He­brews 11:1)

In the book “There’s a Spir­i­tual So­lu­tion to Ev­ery Prob­lem” by “Wayne W. Dyer”, he men­tions his ear­lier doubts about the ex­is­tence of God. He felt that if he “couldn’t see it, touch it, feel it, or smell it, then it didn’t ap­ply.”

He high­lights the ab­sur­dity of a per­fectly func­tion­ing uni­verse with­out an un­der­ly­ing in­tel­li­gence, God! His story goes:

“Imag­ine what it would be like to see a junk­yard filled with mil­lions of pieces of ran­dom junk: wires, bits of metal, tires, cush­ions, elec­tri­cal ma­chin­ery, screws and bolts, glass, toi­let seats, and ev­ery­thing else you can imag­ine, ly- ing about hap­haz­ardly. Sud­denly a gi­gan­tic wind blows through this messy junk­yard and the pieces of junk are thrown up into the air, col­lid­ing with each other, fly­ing and crash­ing here and there. Just as sud­denly, the force of the wind sub­sides, and there in the junk­yard where mil­lions of pieces of trash had pre­vi­ously been, is a jumbo jet, a Boe­ing 747, all ready to fly”.

Imag­ine once more….

Imag­ine your body, with mil­lions of parts con­nected to one an­other, work­ing in synch, al­low­ing you to feel, touch, see, smell, hear, taste, think, di­gest, pump blood,

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