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Pharisees who con­sider work the mere act of pluck­ing a few ears of corn and shelling them. First he re­calls that great be­liev­ers, like David, at times over­looked the law. He then adds: The Son of man rules over the Sab­bath. Among the Jews, how­ever, no one, not even the High Pri­est could dis­pense from the Sab­bath ob­ser­vance. So Je­sus leaves them per­plexed and won­der­ing: Who does he pre­tend to be?

In the sec­ond case, Je­sus could have said to the man: “Why do you ask me to do some­thing for­bid­den on the Sab­bath? Come back to­mor­row to be healed.” Je­sus does not avoid the con­fronta­tion be­cause Gospel means lib­er­a­tion and we be­come free and when we ad­mit that there is noth­ing sa­cred in a so­ci­ety that at­tempts that im­pose its own stan­dards. The law of rest (Sab­bath) is one of the fun­da­men­tal laws of the Bible but that does not pre­vent the pos­si­bil­ity of this law caus­ing op­pres­sion and for thet rea­son it must at times be dis­pensed with.

It isa the same for the most sa­cred laws of the Church at a given mo­ment they might be an ob­sta­cle to the Gospel and, if that be the case, Chris­tian con­science, en­light­ened by the Holy Spirit, must find a so­lu­tion for the time be­ing. As long as peo­ple are sub­ject to an order, to laws and au­thor­i­ties which are con­sid­ered sa­cred and which no one thinks of crit­i­ciz­ing, those peo­ple are nei­ther free nor true sons and daugh­ters of God.

A re­spect for God that would de­stroy our crit­i­cal sense would not be in keep­ing with the Gospel; a re­li­gion pre­vent­ing us from seek­ing hu­man rest­less­ness would not be the true one. To study the Bible with­out dar­ing to know and take into ac­count the con­tri­bu­tions of mod­ern science for fear that our very naïve vi­sion of sa­cred his­tory would fall apart would be to sin against the Spirit.

Je­sus keeps those whom he loves the most in his prayer. The suc­cess of his mis­sion will de­pend upon them; other peo­ple’s faith will rest on them. Je­sus does not want their call to be his own will: be­fore call­ing them, he wants to be cer­tain that he is do­ing the Fa­ther’s will.

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