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The Gospel of Mark says (Mark 1:7-11): He preached to the peo­ple, say­ing, “Af­ter me comes one who is say­ing, “Af­ter me comes one who is more pow­er­ful than I am; I have bap­tized you with wa­ter, but he will bap­tize you in the Holy Spirit.”

At that time Je­sus came from Nazareth, a town of Galilee, and was

bap­tized by John in the Jordan. And the mo­ment he came up out of the wa­ter, heaven opened be­fore him and he saw the Spirit come down on him like a dove. And these words were heard from heaven, “You are my Son, the Beloved, the One I have cho­sen.”

Then the Spirit drove him into the desert. Je­sus stayed in the desert forty days and was tempted by Satan. He was with the wild an­i­mals, but an­gels min­is­tered to him.

Af­ter John was ar­rested, Je­sus went into Galilee and be­gan preach­ing the Good News of God. He said, “The time has come; the king­dom of God is at hand. Change your ways and be­lieve the Good News”.

On a per­sonal note – Af­ter this desert ex­pe­ri­ence, Je­sus re­turns to his home prov­ince, Galilee, and in the house of Si­mon, who al­ready ap­pears in the house of Si­mon, who al­ready ap­pears to be the leader of the group of fish­er­men, Je­sus finds his dis­ci­ples.

God be­comes hu­man, Je­sus shares the life of the peo­ple of his time, and like the prophets he teaches by what he says and does.

The time has come (v. 15). What does that mean? The time fixed by God has come to the end (Gal 4:4, Eph 1: 10), the time of prepa­ra­tion has ended, and the man­i­fes­ta­tion of God an­nounced by the prophets, has al­ready be­gun.

Change your ways and be­lieve the good news. God does not ex­pect works on the part of hu­man be­ings but calls them to faith. Be rid of all that ham­per you, of all that ham­pers you from see­ing and be­lieve! Be­lieve that it is He and He alone who is able to save you!

At ounce they left their nets and fol­lowed him (v. 18), which means leav­ing their fam­ily and work they be­gan to live with him. Like the masters of re­li­gion in his time, like the rab­bis, Je­sus in­structed his first dis­ci­ples, teach­ing them what they were to pass on to oth­ers in the Church.

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