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OCHA Uson resigns. Mocha Uson is fired. Even Mocha Uson can’t get the facts straight how she left. P.S. It might be fake news af­ter all. Mocha on her Se­nate run: Bak­bakan na. Agri­cul­ture Sec­re­tary Manny Piñol on eat­ing in­fested rice: Buk­bokan na.

There is a Red Oc­to­ber hap­pen­ing, says po­lice. They are look­ing for plot­ters in schools, but only found red fail­ing marks.

They said schools show­ing films about Mar­tial Law is teach­ing young peo­ple to rebel. Mar­cos said the same of our fa­vorite an­ime Voltes V be­fore and can­celled that show. We never knew the end­ing then. But we knew how the Mar­cos’ pres­i­dency ended.

Po­lice to UP stu­dents: You’re wast­ing govern­ment money by join­ing ral­lies and re­bel­lion. What good is it to rant? UP Stu­dents: We are Isko­lar ng Bayan, not Isko­lar ni Con­gress­man o Pan­gulo.

When our par­ents are reel­ing from high prices and endo, from toxic fake news, from Lu­mad killings, Shouldn’t we give a damn? A mayor said ACT teach­ers ask­ing for salary in­creases are ter­ror­ists. She must be think­ing about “ter­ror teach­ers” in her high school days. “We are ter­ror­ized by high prices,” said teach­ers. Three rev­o­lu­tions hap­pened in Oc­to­ber. China had it twice. Oc­to­ber 10, 1911: Chi­nese peo­ple top­pled the monar­chial Ching Dy­nasty and built the repub­lic.

Oc­to­ber 1, 1949, com­mu­nists led by Mao drove away the Gen­er­alis­simo and es­tab­lished so­cial­ist China.

Oc­to­ber 25, 1917, the Rus­sian Bol­she­viks seized power from the tsar and the young repub­lic. That is how Red Oc­to­ber got its name. Some said “so­cial­ism is dead” in this time of glob­al­iza­tion, but the specter of Red Oc­to­ber haunts the pres­i­dent.

Po­lice say red and yel­low are desta­bi­liz­ing the govern­ment.

But peo­ple see red as fuel and prices go spi­ral­ing out of con­trol. TRAIN leav­ing a wreck to the econ­omy. Desta­bi­liza­tion? Blame the eco­nomic think tanks. But Dio­kno said prices will go down. That’s the law. Dio­kno’s no New­ton, and econ­omy is not sci­ence. It’s greed. They see red. We see red. Oc­to­ber is count­ing the days.

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