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y wife and I have been join­ing yoga classes in One Yoga, a stu­dio here in our city along Velez St. Of all the types of ex­er­cises that I have tried, it is Yoga that sus­tained me pri­mar­ily be­cause it’s more than a phys­i­cal ex­er­cise, it is a spir­i­tual and even an emo­tional ex­pe­ri­ence of be­ing more re­silient and aware not just of the things around us but also the in­ner jour­ney that we ex­pe­ri­ence while do­ing the var­i­ous poses.

A lot of my friends who I in­vite to do yoga are al­ways ap­pre­hen­sive in join­ing be­cause they thought that you need to be flex­i­ble in or­der for you to join. What they do not know is that Yoga teaches also pa­tience and ac­cep­tance. Thus, as one of our yoga teach­ers would say, where your body is at, that is al­ready good enough. Then, af­ter some time, af­ter sub­mit­ting our­selves to quiet hu­mil­ity and sub­mis­sion, we are sur­prised with what our body can do and that it is only our mind that judges and dis­cour­ages us through fear.

One of the poses that never in my life have I dared to try is a head stand. Un­til, one of my teach­ers en­cour­aged and mo­ti­vated me to try. Lo and be­hold, with all the strength I have, I was able to do it and my body seems to be look­ing for this pose when­ever I feel anx­ious or stressed since do­ing it gives me a cer­tain kind of re­lief. But just the same, I did not wake up one day and did head stands au­to­mat­i­cally. More than the out­come, it is all about the jour­ney and the process of pre­par­ing the body, the mind and the spirit.

In­sta­gram might have shown you the com­pli­cated or even the im­pos­si­ble poses. But ac­cord­ing to my teacher, the high­est pose in Yoga is what we call the Shavasana or the corpse pose. This is done when a per­son lies flat back on his mat while his legs and arms are spread as wide as the mat. While most of the ex­er­cises out there tells you to do more, carry heav­ier weights, or even run more dis­tances, Yoga is all about ex­ert­ing ef­fort so that you would be able to max­i­mize and ap­pre­ci­ate your rest or your Shavasana. So, it is not just about do­ing more, it is about be­ing more sat­is­fied where you are at and feel­ing bet­ter in the process.

Do­ing Yoga gave me a per­spec­tive of pa­tience. My prac­tice made me re­al­ize that I am lim­ited but there is an in­nate po­ten­tial within me that is wait­ing to be ac­tu­al­ized. Just the same, the more that I am made aware of this, the more that I be­come pa­tient with oth­ers as well re­spect­ing their own process and jour­ney. More­over, my wife and I con­tinue to prac­tice Yoga be­cause there is so much that we would wish to dis­cover as we go along the jour­ney of life.

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