‘Sausage Party’

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IN the grand tra­di­tion of “Toy Story,” “Sausage Party” imag­ines the lives of the food­stuffs in the lo­cal su­per­mar­ket aisle. But the food­stuffs aren’t just an­thro­po­mor­phize, they sex­u­al­ity, lust, eth­nic­i­ties and even re­li­gion.

Frank (Seth Ro­gen), a non-de­script hot dog, waits some­what im­pa­tiently with his fel­low mates to be se­lected by the gods (hu­mans) to be taken to a par­adise in The Great Be­yond (pur­chased). Ev­ery­one in the store knows some­thing good is out there wait­ing. For Frank, it’s all about par­adise and the chance to match with his soul mate Brenda (Kris­ten Wiig), a sexy hot­dog bun with Bar­bie legs and a de­sire equal to Frank’s. They’re wait­ing for the gods to choose them be­fore they act on any­thing.

Things go awry when they are cho­sen. A jar of Honey Mus­tard ( Danny McBride) that was re­turned to the store by a cus­tomer is so trau­ma­tized by what he’s seen “out there” that he jumps out of the cart to his death. A few fol­low him out of their pack­ages to try to save him and get tossed from the cart, in­clud­ing Brenda, Frank, Sammy Bagel Jr. ( Ed­ward Nor­ton), Lavash ( David Krumholtz) and a Douche ( Nick Kroll). And that group goes off ex­plor­ing. Those that made it to The Great Be­yond, in­clud­ing Frank’s hot dog buddy Barry ( Michael Cera), ex­pe­ri­ence the hor­rors of dinner time.

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