Tif­fany Neri pon­ders life’s many choices and chances

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This is for those of you who never give or take chances. Be it be­cause you are afraid, or be­cause you be­lieve that play­ing it safe is bet­ter than tak­ing a shot at win­ning--maybe be­cause of the be­lief that “Where suc­cess dwells, fail­ure lurks in ev­ery cor­ner.” This is for those who do not be­lieve in end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties, nor in ev­ery­thing hap­pen­ing for a rea­son. Let me be­gin by enu­mer­at­ing the dif­fer­ent mean­ings of chance. For some of you, chance is a gam­ble, a risk, a haz­ard. Chance could also be a pos­si­bil­ity, a prospect, an open­ing. Oth­ers could see chance as ac­ci­den­tal, for­tu­itous, co­in­ci­den­tal. A few may see it as fate, for­tune, luck. Yes, chance is all of those things but one thing it’s not, is that it is, ul­ti­mately, un­in­tended. It may not have been in­tended by us, but if it hap­pens, it sure is in­tended to be.

Look around you, we are all chil­dren made of chance. We each hap­pen to be that cer­tain baby, born on that cer­tain day, in that cer­tain place, into that cer­tain fam­ily. The chances of ev­ery­thing that sur­rounds us to­day dates way back to what may seem like the end­less past and will con­tinue to surge forth into the in­fin­ity of the fu­ture. Through the abun­dance of it all, th­ese chances and pos­si­bil­i­ties we live in were created and taken with a pur­pose. The chances of all this ( in the uni­verse) be­ing here was just as de­lib­er­ate as it was a coin­ci­dence. From the static ex­is­tence of mol­e­cules to the ki­netic oc­curence of daily phe­nom­ena, the nat­u­ral cy­cle comes into mo­tion from the choices we make and the chances we took with them.

To­day, we face a world full of chances just wait­ing for us to take them and turn them into our choices. Now, morally, it is all a mat­ter of choos­ing what is for the greater good.

No mat­ter what ideology or re­li­gion we be­lieve in, most peo­ple be­lieve in some sort of higher be­ing caus­ing us to ex­ist and an ul­ti­mate end to work to­ward. Those who don’t be­lieve in a higher be­ing are still be­guiled by an in­trin­sic pull to seek their mean­ing in life, to do some­thing more with their time, and to make living worth­while. The thing peo­ple look for most in life is rea­son; the rea­son for ex­is­tence and the rea­son to ex­ist. Ev­ery­one feels a pull to tran­scend — feels that there is so much more to do in life than mere ex­is­tence. That is what it is to be hu­man. Peo­ple thirst for pur­pose and hunger to be­come some­thing greater than they are. This is why we ex­ist by chance and ex­ist to take chances, for how else can we sat­isfy the search for rea­son if not by mak­ing choices? And, what are choices? Chances that were taken.

Our par­ents chose to raise us, as their par­ents did be­fore them, and so on. This is the rea­son we are alive and the rea­son for their living. It is nat­u­ral that a child lives be­cause of their par­ents and the par­ents live for their child. A chance taken was a chance given.

To­day, we face a world full of chances just wait­ing for us to take them and turn them into our choices. Now, morally, it is all a mat­ter of choos­ing what is for the greater good.

Life is a web of causes and ef­fects, and each thing we do (no mat­ter how big or how small) causes an ef­fect. Just choose. Choose wisely, but don’t let the fear of fail­ure keep you from tak­ing a chance or mak­ing a choice. For, if we are too afraid to cause an ef­fect, then we have lost our cause.

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