Group em­barks on mak­ing sense of the es­o­teric sciences

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There are things in this world that one can’t quite com­pre­hend. The ba­sic hu­man ac­tion then is to con­stantly seek for an­swers. But when one pur­sues to dis­cover any form of en­light­en­ment, he finds vague an­swers in­stead. The same is true for para­nor­mal en­coun­ters. Though un­com­mon,th­ese un­worldly ex­pe­ri­ences still build strong im­pres­sions that can al­ter one’s per­cep­tion or be­liefs. Just like any ba­sic life query, even the strangest things de­serve an an­swer.

One group, though, be­lieves that ev­ery­thing has its own sci­en­tific ex­pla­na­tion. So, they’ve gath­ered as one to set up the Mag­ick Grove, (MG) a mod­ern-day mys­tery school that teaches the Es­o­teric Sciences. Its pur­pose is to as­sist in spread­ing es­o­teric knowl­edge in an eth­i­cal man­ner to all who want to re­ceive it, re­gard­less of reli­gious de­nom­i­na­tion, gen­der, na­tion­al­ity, race, age, so­cial po­si­tion or in­come.

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