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Most of what we see in our lo­cal ceme­ter­ies are the flush, flat or lawn-level mark­ers, which are of­ten small and eco­nom­i­cal. There are the sim­ple ones, which are the most com­mon, that are the cheap­est in the bunch. There are also those that are raised a cou­ple of inches off the ground known as raised top flat mark­ers.

This type of grave­stone is the sim­plest to make, but a sin­gle grave­stone could still run for a cou­ple days’ work be­cause of the in­tri­cate and pre­cise sys­tem that grave­stone mak­ers have. SunS­tar Week­end jots down the steps in mak­ing a flush grave­stone.


First, the client chooses the ma­te­rial to be used in mak­ing the grave­stone. At the Car­reta Cemetary, there are three va­ri­eties of stones: ce­ramic tile, gran­ite and mar­ble. Gran­ite and mar­ble are the most com­mon choices. There a many col­ors to choose from to from black, gray or white and many more.


The stone is then shaped as per the client’s pref­er­ence. In Cebu, grave­stones are usu­ally flat or top raised.


Af­ter shap­ing, it is then pol­ished be­fore the en­grav­ing.

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