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A Rus­sian booster rocket has car­ried a Euro­pean en­vi­ron­men­tal satel­lite into or­bit. The Euro­pean Space Agency’s Sen­tinel-5P satel­lite was launched Fri­day by a Rokot mis­sile from the Ple­setsk launch pad in north­west­ern Rus­sia. The satel­lite will map the global at­mos­phere ev­ery day, help­ing study air pol­lu­tion. The mis­sion will con­trib­ute to vol­canic ash mon­i­tor­ing for avi­a­tion safety and for ser­vices that warn of high lev­els of UV ra­di­a­tion caus­ing skin dam­age. The mea­sure­ments also will help un­der­stand pro­cesses in the at­mos­phere re­lated to the cli­mate and to the for­ma­tion of holes in the ozone layer. It’s the sixth satel­lite in the ESA’s Coper­ni­cus pro­gram. Other Earth-ob­serv­ing satel­lites launched ear­lier pro­vide op­ti­cal im­agery of the Earth.

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