We need dis­ci­plined lead­ers

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As our pop­u­la­tion grow by 5-6 per­cent per year, we cre­ate our prob­lem on trash and dis­posal of our un­treated waste. Who is to blame? Our ed­u­ca­tional sys­tem doesn’t ad­dress one sim­ple thing: dis­ci­pline. Dis­ci­pline starts at home where chil­dren are molded to be­come work­ers and lead­ers, but we fail to do it be­cause maybe we are too busy or too lazy.

Chil­dren are not be­ing ed­u­cated on the proper way to act in pub­lic. Even­tu­ally, they in turn will raise their chil­dren the same way.

When you are in a pub­lic place, note if peo­ple have dis­ci­pline. One per­fect ex­am­ple is af­ter a bus pulls out of a rest stop. You’ll see plas­tic and pa­per thrown out of the win­dows and no­body does any thing to cor­rect it.

In or­der to get good lead­ers, we need to give big­ger bud­get to ed­u­ca­tion. With that we can pro­duce dis­ci­plined lead­ers that would move this coun­try for­ward.--Al­fred Aco­pan

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