It was def­i­nitely a feast when Out of Nowhere Kitchen-Tor­res pre­sented 25 kinds of dishes, rang­ing from ap­pe­tiz­ers to desserts, to mem­bers of the me­dia and dig­i­tal in­flu­encers dur­ing lunch around a week ago.

The Tor­res branch opened in Jan­uary this year of­fer­ing a range of dishes that Dabawenyos have grown to love since it es­tab­lished its first branch in 2016 in Lanang, Davao City.

The new­est branch of Out of Nowhere Kitchen is lo­cated at Macville Build­ing, Voy­ager St. It is that street in be­tween Mar­fori and Nanay Bebeng's.

The new branch adds a new din­ing op­tion for those who are look­ing for a place to eat within the Tor­res and Mar­fori area, one of Davao City's ma­jor food dis­tricts.

Over­all, I find the dishes to be re­ally good. Also, the serv­ings are quite gen­er­ous.

I can't name all the 25 ap­pe­tiz­ers, main cour­ses, and desserts in one ar­ti­cle. In­stead, I shall high­light five Out of Nowhere Kitchen dishes that re­ally stood out. In no par­tic­u­lar or­der:

1 . To­mato Soup (P220) Their to­mato soup is served with grilled cheese sand­wich, a clas­sic com­bi­na­tion. This is the per­fect soup dur­ing a cool day. It is re­ally tasty and I love how it has lots of to­mato chunks.

2 . Buf­falo Wings (P250) This is fried chicken wings tossed with sweet but­ter sauce served with hot and spicy chicken sauce and blue chesse dress­ing. I find the chicken skin to be crunchy and the chicken it­self was juicy. A per­fect ap­pe­tizer to start your meal here.

3 . Asian Grilled Chicken (P220) This grilled bone­less chicken thigh in sweet sauce was a per­sonal fa­vorite of mine. It has a won­der­ful bal­ance of sweet­ness and salti­ness. I find the dish to be re­ally de­li­cious.

4 . Juras­sic Ribs (P370) An­other per­sonal fa­vorite of mine is this beef rib grilled in their spe­cial bar­be­cue sauce. The sauce was

re­ally good and the ribs we had were ten­der.

5 . Mango Snow (P145) For desserts, I re­ally en­joyed this cake, which is a layer of vanilla sponge cake with mango coulis and a vanil­lla milk cus­tard mousse with mango cubes. The dessert is de­li­cious and not very sweet.

I would also dare you to try their Spicy Chicken Wings (P470), which is fried chicken wings with na­tive chili, ghost chili, and Carolina reaper in honey gar­lic sauce.

I am not ex­ager­at­ing here but this has to be one of the spici­est wings I have ever had. The spici­ness just ex­plodes in­side your mouth once you take a bite of it. As hot as it is, it is also very ad­dic­tive. You know your mouth is burn­ing but still you want to take an­other bite. I chal­lenge you guys to try their #SpicyChick­enWingsChal­lenge. The Tor­res Branch of Out of Nowhere Kitchen also of­fers func­tion rooms for those who are look­ing to en­joy some good food while hav­ing a meet­ing, party, or a sim­ple get to­gether.

For your next din­ing des­ti­na­tion, have it here at Out of Nowhere Kitchen.

Mango Snow To­mato Soup Spicy Chicken Wings

Buf­falo Wings

Juras­sic Ribs

Asian Grilled Chicken

Grilled Scal­lops

Bolog­nese Pasta

Out of Nowhere Mixed Seafood

Jico Haw, Fran­chisee ofOut of Nowhere Kitchen-Tor­res The new­est branch of Out of Nowhere Kitchen is lo­cated at Macville Build­ing, Voy­ager St. It is that street in be­tween Mar­fori and Nanay Bebeng’s.

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