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In Au­gust 2010, the at­ten­tion of the world was fo­cused on a mine shaft near Copi­apó, Chile. Thirty-three min­ers hud­dled in the dark, trapped 2,300 feet un­der­ground. They had no idea if help would ever ar­rive. After seven­teen days of wait­ing, they heard drilling. Res­cuers pro­duced a small hole in the mine shaft ceil­ing, and that hole was fol­lowed by three more, estab­lish­ing a de­liv­ery path for wa­ter, food, and medicine. The min­ers de­pended on those con­duits to the sur­face above ground, where res­cuers had the pro­vi­sions they would need to sur­vive. On day sixty-nine, res­cuers pulled the last miner to safety.

None of us can sur­vive in this world apart from pro­vi­sions that are out­side of our­selves. God, the Cre­ator of the uni­verse, is the one who pro­vides us with ev­ery­thing we need. Like the drill holes for those min­ers, prayer con­nects us to the God of all sup­ply. Prayer is the voice of faith, trust­ing that God knows and cares. Je­sus en­cour­aged us to pray, “Give us to­day our daily bread” (Matt. 6:11). In His day, bread was the ba­sic sta­ple of life and pic­tured all the daily needs of the peo­ple. Je­sus was teach­ing us to pray not only for our phys­i­cal needs but also for ev­ery­thing we need— com­fort, heal­ing, courage, wis­dom.

Through prayer we have ac­cess to Him at any mo­ment, and He knows what we need be­fore we even ask (v. 8). What might you be strug­gling with to­day? “The Lord is near to all who call on him” (Ps. 145:18).

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