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an un­planned trip.

A very ex­cit­ing event for me. But it was a ran­dom trip to Sasa that made the trip, un­for­get­table. I chanced upon some sheet masks on sale.

The cheap­skate in me went on hoard­ing mode. As I fran­ti­cally piled the sheet masks into my shop­ping bas­ket, a sales lady ap­proached me. Shak­ing her head and point­ing to the sheet masks in my hand, she said. “No good.” “Re­ally?” I was crushed.

I es­pe­cially liked the brand but had not tried this par­tic­u­lar one.

The sales lady pro­ceeded to elab­o­rate, “If you are 25 and below, it’s okay.” Did I hear her right? Though bru­tally frank, the lady was ac­tu­ally quite po­lite.

I sheep­ishly put the sheet masks back on the shelf. As I walked back to the counter to pay for the other items in my bas­ket, the same sales lady ap­proached me again.

She had a chic-look­ing prod­uct in her hand. “This one— good for you.” My glasses were sit­ting on top of my head so I strained to see the la­bel on the prod­uct.

“Supreme Youth Re­vival Sheet Mask” Did I read that right? I po­litely de­clined her of­fer. Af­ter pay­ing for my shop­ping, I stum­bled out of the store, a lit­tle bit stunned. My sis­ter couldn’t stop laugh­ing. Back home in Cebu, I told my fam­ily this story.

An­other sis­ter who is three years younger than me, then told me, “Have you not learned to ac­cept your age till now? I’ve ac­cepted mine a long time ago.

I’ve been on the mir­a­cle cream for many years now. Be­lieve me, my face needs a mir­a­cle.” It was my turn to laugh. But my sis­ter got me think­ing. De­spite every­thing I say, per­haps, I have not re­ally ac­cepted my age. Or why else would I be taken aback when peo­ple tell me, in not so many words, that I’m old. And it’s not like it’s the first time.

Last Oc­to­ber in Seoul, I asked the lady at the cos­metic counter which prod­uct was suit­able for me. I told her that my skin was very dry so I needed a prod­uct which was hy­drat­ing. I then spot­ted a prod­uct line called “Aquabolic.”

So I said, “This one?” She shook her head and pointed to an­other line, “Age Away.” A few years ago, my friend (who is ex­actly my age) told me, “You know, my kids think I’m re­ally old.” My friend’s kids are now aged 18-28. Well, I told her, “We ARE old but we like to think we’re not THAT old.” It’s 2017. Maybe, it’s time for me to end my boy­cott. Maybe, it’s time for me to learn how to chill. Maybe, it’s time for me to ac­cept that I re­ally need supreme youth re­vival to keep the age away.

— Me­lanie Lim

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