HAU launches book on Ka­pam­pan­gan root syl­la­bles

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The Cen­ter for Ka­pam­pan­gan Stud­ies of Holy An­gel Univer­sity (HAU-CKS) has pub­lished a ma­jor work on the Ka­pam­pan­gan lan­guage, fea­tur­ing the pre­his­toric root words and syl­la­bles from var­i­ous Asian lan­guages.

The 950-page book, Ca­pam­pan­gan Roots: Prim­i­tive Words and Syl­la­bles from Poly­ne­sian-Aus­trone­sian, San­skrit, Chi­nese and Ba­hasa Lan­guages as Roots of the Ca­pam­pan­gan Lan­guage, is the re­sult of long years of re­search by Ma­cau-based po­et­artist-cul­tural ad­vo­cate Os­car Bala­ja­dia a.k.a. Papa Os­mubal, na­tive of Ma­galang, Pam­panga and alum­nus of the Univer­sity.

The book is part of a two-book se­ries that will com­ple­ment Bala­ja­dia’s ear­lier four-book se­ries en­ti­tled O Jo, Nu Ca Meni­bat, also pub­lished by the Univer­sity.

Bala­ja­dia dis­sected and broke Ka­pam­pan­gan words down to their ba­sic syl­la­bles and dis­cov­ered sim­i­lar­i­ties to syl­la­bles of other Asian lan­guages in form and mean­ing. For ex­am­ple, the root word of Pam­panga is pam­pang, whose root syl­la­ble is pang, which is Man­darin for “be­side some­thing.”

“You’ll be sur­prised how in­ter­re­lated lan­guages are all over the world, due to east-west, north-south and back-again waves of mi­gra­tion,” Robby Tant­ingco, HAU-CKS Di­rec­tor, said. “For ex­am­ple, I thought catre which is Ka­pam­pan­gan for “bed” came from Span­ish. As it turned out, Span­ish had bor­rowed it from San­skrit. So now I know catre is San­skrit but I don’t know if­ca­tre reached Ka­pam­pan­gan di­rectly from San­skrit or it if passed through Span­ish be­fore reach­ing Ka­pam­pan­gan.”

Bala­ja­dia’s book is avail­able at the Univer­sity’s ISSI Book­store and soon sev­eral book­stores in Metro-Manila. For in­quiries, contact the Cen­ter for Ka­pam­pan­gan Stud­ies at ka­pam­pan­gan­cen­ter@gmail.co­mor text 0999 959 0601.

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