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The In­ter­net has con­quered the world by storm. Peo­ple around the world de­pend on it ev­ery day and to­day’s so­ci­ety would not be the same with the ab­sence of it. The In­ter­net is gen­er­ally de­fined as a global net­work con­nect­ing mil­lions of com­put­ers. More than 190 coun­tries are linked into ex­changes of data, news and opin­ions (Vangie Beal, We­bo­pe­dia).

The in­tro­duc­tion of in­ter­net to the world made a big im­pact of how we are liv­ing to­day. In­for­ma­tion dis­sem­i­na­tion is one of the big­gest ad­van­tages of the in­ter­net. With the use of com­put­ers, or tablets, or smart phones, when­ever and wher­ever, as long as there is an ac­cess to the in­ter­net a load of in­for­ma­tion can be searched in just a click. The user can also choose the type of in­for­ma­tion needed and the kind of en­ter­tain­ment that he/ she wants. The only dan­ger is that not ev­ery­thing is true, ac­cu­rate and safe that is why peo­ple should be ex­tra cau­tious to what they read, see and hear in the in­ter­net, nev­er­the­less, it is un­de­ni­able that the ben­e­fits and ad­van­tages sur­mounts the dis­ad­van­tages of it.

Com­mu­ni­ca­tion has also been eas­ier than ever be­cause of the in­ter­net. Con­nect­ing with other peo­ple is cheaper and more con­ve­nient nowa­days, though there are still draw­backs at­tached with it. For ex­am­ple, some get used with com­mu­ni­cat­ing with oth­ers elec­tron­i­cally in­stead of meet­ing the per­son face to face. Per­sonal in­ter­ac­tions were less­ened and some­times leads to mis­com­mu­ni­ca­tions.

The in­ter­net is also a way of other peo­ple to show their opin­ions and ex­pose dif­fer­ent sides of the story that are not shown by the me­dia. It gave the ne­ti­zens the power to in­form oth­ers with the un­bi­ased ac­tual sit­u­a­tions.

Dif­fer­ent in­ter­net sen­sa­tions be­came fa­mous by post­ing their own blogs, videos or record­ings. In­ter­net celebri­ties con­tin­u­ously in­crease in num­ber as in­ter­net in­dus­try grows.

Ad­ver­tis­ers also de­pend heav­ily on the in­ter­net. They flash their prod­ucts on the most viewed videos on youtube and most vis­ited web­sites. They also use the in­ter­net to sur­vey the rat­ings of their prod­ucts com­pared to the com­pet­ing brands.

Politi­cians also made use of the in­ter­net for their cam­paigns. It is much cheaper than hav­ing an ad­ver­tise­ment in tele­vi­sion which cost mil­lions. Peo­ple can freely cam­paign, through the in­ter­net, the politi­cians that they think can help the coun­try.

Some of the dis­ad­van­tages that the in­ter­net brings are false in­for­ma­tion, piracy, copy­right in­fringe­ment, hack­ing of valu­able in­for­ma­tion, the loss of pri­vacy of many in­di­vid­u­als and eas­ier ac­cess to dif­fer­ent porno­graphic ma­te­ri­als. Peo­ple are now vul­ner­a­ble to at­tack­ers and hack­ers es­pe­cially when they be­come care­less with the se­cu­rity of their own in­for­ma­tion that they upload in the in­ter­net. Thieves also made use of the in­ter­net to scam and st eal .

Peo­ple should al­ways think be­fore they click. They should make use of the in­ter­net ap­pro­pri­ately and use it ac­cord­ing to the in­tended pur­pose, since its cre­ation has helped many com­mu­ni­ties and the econ­omy. Its booming pop­u­lar­ity of the in­ter­net is ac­cepted gen­er­ally and will con­tinue to be part of the mod­ern world. — oOo— The au­thor is Ad­min Aide VI, Depart­ment of Ed­u­ca­tion, Di­vi­sion of An­ge­les City

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