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Once, twice, thrice, nor many times. “You will never do any mis­takes, as in never once, twice, thrice, nor many times,” said one mother. It is so easy. “It would easy, It is so easy,” said one class­mate. A mi­nor one. “That’s just a mi­nor one, don’t worry,” said one stu­dent. Looks might be de­ceiv­ing, words also. First of all, it’s not easy. Sec­ond, it’s too im­pos­si­ble not to com­mit any mis­takes. And lastly, it’s not just mi­nor, re­mem­ber the say­ing “small but ter­ri­ble.”

Filipino, the widely used and also the na­tional lan­guage of our coun­try, Philip­pines. Three to four years since you’re ex­isted in this world, I think you know how to talk words in Filipino even in a stam­mer­ing way. But you know it is called as “Ta­ga­log”. And when you started en­ter­ing school, a sub­ject in­tro­duces to you. It is named after our most pre­cious lan­guage, Filipino. Com­monly from ele­men­tary you have learned all about speak­ing, just like parts of speech etc. Then you sud­denly re­al­ize that your lan­guage is named as Filipino and not Ta­ga­log.

I’ve met many stu­dents but only few of them - 1/ 100, said Filipino is a dif­fi­cult one. Happy to hear this but as they think that Filipino is an easy sub­ject, they also think that they can pass the sub­ject just only by sit­ting in a cor­ner and lis­ten­ing with­out com­pre­hen­sion - let­ting the words en­ter on their right ear and let­ting them exit on the other side. De­spite of this things, I will keep in mind those stu­dents who gave joy in my teach­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, those stu­dents you are will­ing to learn about our coun­try and our lan­guage. Those stu­dents who are al­ways en­joy­ing study­ing es­pe­cially in Filipino. I al­ways thank God for those stu­dents who never as in ever tir­ing learn­ing. I al­ways thank God for those stu­dents who are one of kind; those stu­dents who will be called as “Philip­pines Most Finest Stu­dents.”

In a teacher’s life, there are ups and downs. In our lives, stu­dents are our most pre­cious gifts, es­pe­cially those stu­dents who ap­pre­ci­ate our work - who study hard. I’ll never let a stu­dent grad­u­ated or moved to his/ her next level with­out ap­pre­ci­at­ing the beauty of learn­ing what is proudly raised and made on his/her own coun­try. I will be the one who will make ev­ery stu­dents “Philip­pines Most Finest Stu­dents.” It is mi­nor yet in­cred­i­ble. It is easy yet cool and classy. Teach­ers are the mak­ers of the most finest learn­ers. “Filipino is our lan­guage. Filipino, that’s what you are. I fully learned how to be a Filipino!” What a good thing to hear from a stu­dent.

— oOo— The au­thor is Head Teacher I Des­ig­nate at Ca­machiles Na­tional High School, Di­vi­sion of Ma­bal­a­cat City

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