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At first sight, the place seem to be dif­fer­ent and the chil­dren look timid. The mo­ment a teacher sets her feet on the ground of Sitio Tar­get Ex­ten­sion School, a 360 de­gree turn hap­pens.

To teach the pupils what they should learn in a school year is part of the work of a teacher. She should carry with her ev­ery­day her daily les­son log, her in­struc­tional ma­te­ri­als and her pure heart for the learn­ers who are hun­gry for knowl­edge. As days, months and years pass by, she re­al­izes that she does not come to school as a mere ed­u­ca­tor but as a sec­ond par­ent to the Indige­nous peo­ple of the Aeta com­mu­nity.

The magic of love does some­thing good for the chil­dren. The ex­cite­ment that they feel to be in school and their joy to see the “mother fig­ure” who al­ways see to it that they are do­ing well in and out of the school premises. And when she is not around, they miss her .This kind of love mo­ti­vates these young in­di­vid­u­als to be at their best all the time. The love that a mother gives to her off­springs has the same weight as the love that a teacher has for the kids who fill her class­room with life and mean­ing.

The same thing is true with the com­mit­ment that a teacher shows to those who ben­e­fit from it. When one does her work with­out com­plain­ing, when one does her work for un­selfish rea­sons, when one does her work well with­out ex­pect­ing some­thing in re­turn, then this teacher stands out in the eyes of those who see her real value.

Ac­cep­tance is part of ed­u­cat­ing the young Ayta Mag-antsi speak­ing na­tives of Sitio Tar­get. It is al­ways beyond words to express the hap­pi­ness one feels when good changes are seen from the learn­ers. Teach­ing with­out love and com­mit­ment is noth­ing. These two work hand in hand to bring out the pas­sion in a teacher which even­tu­ally will re­sult to ed­u­cated , con­fi­dent and pro­duc­tive IP learn­ers. — oOo— The au­thor is Prin­ci­pal of Sitio Tar­get, Sitio Tar­get Ex­ten­sion School, An­ge­les City

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