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Ac­cord­ing to Isaac Bar­row, “Math­e­mat­ics – the un­shaken Foun­da­tion of Sci­ences, and the plen­ti­ful Foun­tain of Ad­van­tage to hu­man af­fairs.” His­tory in its essence is vi­tal in the con­cept of Math­e­mat­ics. The con­tri­bu­tions of the peo­ple in the past made an im­por­tant role in the suc­cess of our mod­ern dis­cus­sions in Math­e­mat­ics.

Be­hind his­tory are the peo­ple who made re­mark­able dis­cov­er­ies and for­mu­lated the world’s great­est achieve­ment in field of Math­e­mat­ics. Ac­cord­ing to Banks, So­bel and Walsh in their book en­ti­tled, “Al­ge­bra: Its El­e­ments and Struc­ture, (1965)”. “It was dur­ing the first half of the 6th cen­tury that Thales of Mile­tus com­puted the height of the Great Pyra­mid in Egypt by an in­ge­nious method or a method of in­di­rect mea­sure­ment. His­to­ri­ans claim that demon­stra­tive Ge­om­e­try be­gan with him. He is given credit for hav­ing made a num­ber of ele­men­tary dis­cov­er­ies, such as: (1) the base an­gles of an isosce­les tri­an­gle are equal, (2) an an­gle in­scribed in a semi­cir­cle is a right an­gle, and (3) any di­am­e­ter of a cir­cle bi­sects that cir­cle.” Thales, be­sides be­ing known as a math­e­ma­ti­cian, a states­man, an as­tronomer, and a busi­ness­man, is also one of the seven wise men of an­tiq­uity. Be­cause of the bril­liance of Thales, it opens the door to an­other branch of math­e­mat­ics which is Trigonom­e­try. It de­fines the sig­nif­i­cance of sides and an­gles in the ap­pli­ca­tion of math­e­mat­ics in real life sit­u­a­tions.

Ac­cord­ing to Dol­ciani, Wooton, Buken­bach, Houghton and Mif­flin in their book en­ti­tled, “Al­ge­bra”,” Rene Descartes (1596-1650), one of the great­est sci­en­tists of the 17th cen­tury, de­vised and used two per­pen­dic­u­lar num­ber lines to iden­tify points in a plane. This is the rea­son why it is called the Carte­sian Co­or­di­nate Sys­tem. It was Descartes who founded An­a­lytic Ge­om­e­try, and es­tab­lished the link be­tween Al­ge­bra and Ge­om­e­try through graph­ing. How­ever, he did not con­sider him­self a math­e­ma­ti­cian be­cause of his great love for phi­los­o­phy.” The con­tri­bu­tion of Descartes in­spired mod­ern math­e­ma­ti­cians to dis­cover a lot of pat­terns and math­e­mat­i­cal ideas in the prospect of de­vel­op­ing its en­deavor.

In­side the four cor­ners of the class­room, it is not enough that we dis­cuss nu­mer­i­cal com­pu­ta­tions; we have to de­lib­er­ately trace back the peo­ple who made a sig­nif­i­cant role in mak­ing such beau­ti­ful pat­terns and for­mu­las. — oOo— The au­thor is SST I at Ca­machiles National High School, Di­vi­sion of Ma­bal­a­cat City

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