To be post­poned (again) or not

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If the Com­mis­sion on Elec­tions (Com­elec) is to be asked, the Oc­to­ber 2017 Barangay and Sang­gu­ni­ang Ka­bataan (SK) elec­tions would push through on the third Mon­day of the said month. To date, there is no law, or­der or procla­ma­tion yet from gov­ern­ment au­thor­i­ties that the said demo­cratic ex­er­cises shall again be post­poned.

As far as the Com­elec is con­cerned, the elec­tions would be held this com­ing Oc­to­ber 23. How­ever, there are again moves to post­pone and re­set the date of the elec­tions on to an­other sched­ule re­sult­ing to the ex­ten­sion of the term of of­fices of the thou­sands of in­cum­bent elected barangay and SK of­fi­cials in the coun­try.

For the in­cum­bent, it would be of course fa­vor­able for them since they would be spared from the ex­penses of cam­paign should they are seek­ing for re-elec­tion. For those who are not, it sim­ply means an ex­ten­sion of their rule.

With the sup­posed elec­tions forth­com­ing, its too late for Congress to en­act a law chang­ing the mode or man­ner of elect­ing barangay of­fi­cials such as hav­ing them ap­pointed or elect­ing only punong barangays sans barangay ka­gawads who shall be ap­pointed by the win­ning vil­lage chief.

With­out any law on the other hand, the Pres­i­dent of the repub­lic has the power to post­pone such elec­tions that shall mean ex­tend­ing the terms of barangay of­fi­cials.

Pres­i­dent Duterte has done it be­fore (ex­tend­ing the term of of­fice of barangay of­fi­cials) and he may do it again. He can have rea­sons af­ter all to post­pone the barangay elec­tions in­clud­ing the non-pri­or­i­ti­za­tion of elec­tion ex­pen­di­tures.

For peo­ple in barangays who have of­fi­cials who are true to their man­dates, its their lucky year. How­ever, it’s the op­po­site for barangay con­stituen­cies who have their non­per­form­ing barangay of­fi­cials who de­served to be re­placed by way of elec­tion.

There is a pro­posal be­fore that city or mu­nic­i­pal may­ors may just ap­point barangay of­fi­cials of their choice. With this, lo­cal chief ex­ec­u­tives would have their free hands in choos­ing their po­lit­i­cal al­lies. This is far from get­ting re­al­ized but it may hap­pen though once there would be an en­acted law for that mat­ter.

Those who are aspir­ing for barangay po­si­tions this early have their po­lit­i­cal ma­chiner­ies, tac­tics and fund­ing left hang­ing. The com­ing barangay elec­tions may or may not push through, they have to take note.

I sur­mise Pres­i­dent Duterte would not post­pone the elec­tions this time con­sid­er­ing the fact that he is brand­ing so much lo­cal of­fi­cial as in­volved in il­le­gal drugs. With the elec­tions, push­ing through, peo­ple would have the hand in choos­ing barangay elec­tion can­di­dates with clean names, with­out any in­volve­ment in the drug men­ace. At any rate, we still have to wait for the “susunod na ka­banata” be­fore we can fi­nally know the plight of our barangay l ead er s. *** For any com­ments, ideas, sug­ges­tions or opin­ions, text or call The Ad­vo­cate at 0921-3636360 or send email at den­

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