The bro­ken­ness of the gi­ant slayer


THE irony of it all is that the gi­antslayer was now act­ing like a mad­man right within the ter­ri­tory of the en­emy, fear­ing Achish, the King of Go­liath, the Philis­tine! What an un­ex­pected twist of fate what a frus­trat­ing change in the tide of life. Wel­come to the bro­ken­ness of the gi­ant-slayer. This painful and em­bar­rass­ing process of hum­bling a hero is called bro­ken­ness!

Bro­ken­ness usu­ally hap­pens be­fore and af­ter a great spir­i­tual break­through. In the case of David, God en­rolled him in a se­ries of Bro­ken­ness ses­sions. It hap­pened be­fore he ruled as King; then again, while rul­ing as Is­rael’s King. The les­son here is clear, no one grad­u­ates from the need of be­ing bro­ken.

While God was do­ing the break­ing, David now learned how to re­spond in a godly way— re­gard­less of his sit­u­a­tion. Re­mem­ber, it was David who wrote in the Psalms, “A bro­ken spirit and a con­trite heart, God will not de­spise” Take note that bit­ter­ness can be mis­taken as bro­ken­ness. God doesn’t speak to peo­ple who are bit­ter. God speaks to the bro­ken.

Let us re­visit the scenes where David, the gi­ant-slayer, is hum­bled and which re­flect our need of up­lift­ment. Scene no. 1, Bro­ken­ness through the anger of a God-re­jected King: In the courts of Saul, God al­lowed a painful as­sault on David’s life. Saul’s anger made David see how the mighty was un­re­li­able in times of cri­sis. 2. In bro­ken­ness, God al­lowed David to be in the ter­ri­tory of the en­vi­ous en­emy. In the camp of the en­emy, David was stripped of his self-con­fi­dence. David suf­fered the loss of im­age; loses all in­ter­est; de­prived of his intellect and in­tegrity. The les­son is crys­tal-clear and it would do well for us to learn from it while we can. Self-con­fi­dence is ar­ro­gance; godly-con­fi­dence is des­per­ate de­pen­dence upon God.

In bro­ken­ness, it is clear as crys­tal that gut-feel­ings end here and graceawak­en­ing be­gins. In bro­ken­ness, we see that the vic­tory of the past is not a guar­an­tee of vic­tory for to­day. In the midst of this painful and em­bar­rass­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, David met God! It was in this state of “mad­ness”that David wrote his best Psalms. One of the most beau­ti­ful and truly en­cour­ag­ing verses which we could draw strength from is Psalm 56:3 “When­ever I am afraid, I will put my trust in You.”

At the out­set, no one will like bro­ken­ness... it is a painful and em­bar­rass­ing thing to ex­pe­ri­ence. As God al­lows it, let us pray for strength; and as we go through it, let us pray for si­lence; and as we come out from it, let us pray for sur­ren­der. In bro­ken­ness we shine; in bit­ter­ness we become sour.

Thank you for read­ing, write from my heart. I al­ways

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