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On Jan­u­ary 8, 2018 pe­ti­tioner thru coun­sel Atty. Mary Jane R. Man­dap filed a pe­ti­tion pray­ing that:

1) The Lo­cal Civil Regis­trar (LCR) in Guagua, Pam­panga to can­cel the Cer­tifi­cate of Live Birth with Reg­istry No. 2013-1326 of the pe­ti­tioner;

2) The Lo­cal Civil Regis­trar (LCR) of Lubao, Pam­panga to cor­rect the fol­low­ing en­tries in her Cer­tifi­cate of Live Birth with Reg­istry No. 97-2650:

a) Change the date of birth of pe­ti­tioner from “Oc­to­ber 28, 1997” to “July 26, 1995”;

b) Change the date of mar­riage of par­ents of pe­ti­tioner from “June 10, 1996” to “NOT MAR­RIED”;

c) Re­move the mid­dle name of pe­ti­tioner “Boni­fa­cio” and leave it blank; and

d) Change the sur­name of pe­ti­tioner from “David” to “Boni­fa­cio”


find­ing the pe­ti­tion to be suf­fi­cient in form and sub­stance, the court hereby:

a) set the case for hear­ing on 8:30 o’clock in the morn­ing.


Guagua, Pam­panga, Jan­u­ary 9, 2018.


Pre­sid­ing Judge Sun•Star Pam­panga: Fe­bru­ary 5, 12 & 19, 2018.


b) or­der pe­ti­tioner (1) to serve within seventy two (72) hours from re­ceipt hereof copies of the pe­ti­tion and its an­nexes to the Of­fice of the So­lic­i­tor Gen­eral of the Philip­pines, Of­fice of the Pro­vin­cial Pros­e­cu­tor, City of San Fer­nando, Pam­panga, the Of­fice of the Lo­cal Civil Regis­trar of Lubao, Pam­panga, and the Lo­cal Civil Regis­trar of Guagua, Pam­panga and (2) to show proof of said ser­vice to this court;

c) or­ders all per­sons in­ter­ested in this pe­ti­tion: (1) to ap­pear on said date and time be­fore this Court, Re­gional Trial Court, Branch 50, Guagua, Pam­panga; and (2) show cause, if any, why the pe­ti­tion should not be granted;

d) or­ders the So­lic­i­tor Gen­eral to en­ter his ap­pear­ance in this case for the state seventy two (72) hours from re­ceipt of this Or­der;

e) or­ders the Branch Clerk of Court of this Court to fur­nish copies of this or­der to the pe­ti­tioner, his coun­sel, the So­lic­i­tor Gen­eral, the Of­fice of the Lo­cal Civil Regis­trar of Guagua, Pam­panga; the Lo­cal Civil Regis­trar of Lubao, Pam­panga; the Pro­vin­cial Pros­e­cu­tor of Pam­panga; and the Philip­pine Statis­tic Au­thor­ity (for­merly NSO), who are given fif­teen (15) days from no­tice of the pe­ti­tion or from the last due date of pub­li­ca­tion of such no­tice within which to file their com­ment/op­po­si­tion thereto, if any.

Fur­ther, let the pe­ti­tioner at her ex­pense, pub­lish this Or­der be­fore the date of hear­ing for three (3) con­sec­u­tive weeks in a news­pa­per of gen­eral cir­cu­la­tion in the Prov­ince of Pam­panga, which news­pa­per shall be cho­sen via raf­fle at the next raf­fle ses­sion.

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