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Tech­nol­ogy has trans­formed all as­pects of our life in­clud­ing ed­u­ca­tion. Un­doubt­edly, it has trans­formed the present gen­er­a­tion of stu­dents to be­come more en­gaged, and in­ter­ac­tive in the class­room.

Con­sid­er­ing its ma­jor role in the learn­ing process, ed­u­ca­tors must be prop­erly ori­ented on how to har­ness its max­i­mum ef­fec­tive use.

As a learn­ing tool, tech­nol­ogy can work both ways. It can ei­ther con­trib­ute pos­i­tively in the learn­ing process or be­come a dis­trac­tion to stu­dents. As teach­ers, we should be dis­cern­ing enough to de­tect if its ad­van­ta­geous or dis­ad­van­ta­geous to the learn­ing process.

The 21st cen­tury ed­u­ca­tor should be a con­struc­tivist, one who would act more as a fa­cil­i­ta­tor than a teacher to his/ her stu­dents. Ac­cord­ingly, he should use tech­nol­ogy to lead his stu­dents to think in­de­pen­dently, ex­plore, ma­nip­u­late and process in­for­ma­tion by them­selves while col­lab­o­rat­ing with each ot her.

As far as ef­fec­tive use of tech­nol­ogy is con­cerned, what is more rel­e­vant is not what equip­ment is used but how it is used. If with the use of tech­nol­ogy as a tool, the teacher is able to dis­cover and do some­thing new that will at­tract stu­dents’at­ten­tion and move them to ex­plore by them­selves, then he/ she has achieved some­thing.

Ac­cord­ing to re­search, here are some added tips in get­ting started with the use of tech­nol­ogy in the class­room: First, there must be ad­vance plan­ning. We should de­ter­mine if the tech­nol­ogy will aid stu­dent learn­ing and how it will be used. If it doesn’t aid learn­ing, then we should dis­card it.

Sec­ond, know what equip­ment are best for our pur­pose. The lat­est fad prod­ucts such as tablets may not be as good as the lap­tops they in­tend to re­place.

Third, brush up on your ICT skills. Con­sult with your ICT depart­ment on how to do it. Fourth, be per­sis­tent and don’t give up eas­ily. Dis­cover what’s best for your stu­dents, if the present doesn’t work, then try oth­ers. Lastly, fo­cus on how tech­nol­ogy can best help stu­dent’s learn­ing not hin­der it. — oOo—

The au­thor is Teacher III at Aran­guren In­te­grated School (El­e­men­tary Dept.) Ca­pas, Tarlac

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