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Mil­len­ni­als are gen­er­ally the prod­ucts of dig­i­tal age who spends an av­er­age time of six hours per day con­nected in elec­tron­i­cally re­lated de­vices such as cell­phones, tablets, lap­tops con­nected to in­ter­net and ex­press­ing them­selves ac­tively us­ing so­cial me­dia, such as face books, tweeter, photo apps, gam­ing, etC.

Com­put­ers are not tech­nol­ogy for them for it is part of their lives, it’s their ev­ery­day rou­tine to be en­gaged and wired up with these de­vices that make them com­fort­able and pro­duc­tive, do­ing is more im­por­tant than know­ing and multi task­ing is a way of life for them.

There are Char­ac­ter­is­tics of Mil­len­ni­als that we need to deal with, they tend to think their works are unique, cre­atively ge­nius and good for all hu­man­ity. They are Net Savvy, they love tweet­ing, use hash­tags and ab­bre­vi­a­tions, they usu­ally fin­ished their work ahead or on time for they em­brace tech­nol­ogy as their part­ner. Some of the are also night crawler for they only ap­pear when­ever there are quizzes and fi­nal ex­ams.

They do love learn­ing through re­search, rel­e­vance of work in pre­vi­ous and present time, in a re­lax man­ner and with rap­port with co learn­ers thus col­lab­o­ra­tion make sense to them.

There are strate­gies that we can use to work well with these new gen­er­a­tions of young­sters, in­volve them in set­ting a vi­sion for they want to as­sume re­spon­si­bil­ity. With the avail­abil­ity of re­sources , our role is to help them trim down what­ever is al­ready ac­ces­si­ble to them on how they can turn this re­sources be ap­plied in prac­ti­cal means. Lead­ing them can be chal­leng­ing bu it doesn’t have to be, just un­der­stand who they are, what they ex­pect and what they like to do and most es­pe­cially be em­phatic with what they feel and we will surely pro­duce suc­cess­ful and pro­duc­tive cit­i­zenry.

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The au­thor is Teacher III at Pam­panga High School

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