Han­dling op­po­si­tion with a Godly re­sponse

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THIS is the con­clud­ing por­tion of the ar­ti­cle Han­dling Op­po­si­tion with a Godly Re­sponse. It would do well for all of us to read the three parts over and over again un­til its les­sons are in­grained in our hearts and our ac­tions and re­ac­tions a tes­ti­mony to the peace in our hearts.

3. We see a skill­ful dis­play of clear com­mu­ni­ca­tion of facts over base­less pre­sump­tions and here­sies vv. 6-17

A godly dis­play of dili­gent and dis­ci­plined knowl­edge of what tran­spired as supplied by cred­i­ble record; it is wis­dom to know events ac­cu­rately and know the mean­ing of his­tory pas­sion­ately. They knew God and they knew their peo­ple.

The Amer­i­cans suf­fered a shame­ful de­feat in Viet­nam, not be­cause of in­fe­rior weaponry but be­cause they did not take time to get know how their en­e­mies felt. Their bombs did not shat­ter the de­ter­mi­na­tion of the op­po­nent! Take time to study cul­ture...know­ing how to re­late will defuse a lot of ten­sions. Dis­ci­plined and dili­gent keep­ing of doc­u­men­ta­tion is not only godly but a prac­ti­cal re­sponse to those who op­pose (verses 11-16). Keep doc­u­ment of events and agree­ments. Even among the best of friends and kin, it’s wise to have your trans­ac­tions in writ­ing! Ap­peal­ing in­stead of de­mand­ing is a time-tested godly re­sponse that has won the hearts of those who are in au­thor­ity (verse 17). Again, know­ing your place will de­fine how you re­act! Hav­ing the pa­tience to wait for what­ever the out­come is bet­ter than rush­ing to prove your point.

Ac­cu­rate doc­u­men­ta­tion cou­pled with a hum­ble at­ti­tude does won­ders...of course, all be­cause GOD is at work.

4. We see God's hand over the hearts of the Pow­er­ful grant­ing com­men­da­tions and favours sans lob­by­ing for po­lit­i­cal perks

Ezra 6:1-12 records the out­come of the search for doc­u­ments that proved that the re­build­ing of the tem­ple was le­git and not sedi­tious, as al­leged by the crit­ics. King Dar­ius favoured the peo­ple of God. Here's the les­son:

The jour­ney of obe­di­ence is a long jour­ney, each step mak­ing us trust God more than any­thing and any­one else. When King Dar­ius granted favours to GOD's peo­ple, our faith should see GOD, not Dar­ius! Here we see 3 things:

1) Vul­ner­a­bil­ity leads to de­pen­dence on God.

2) Vin­di­ca­tion of God now de­fends the vul­ner­a­ble.

3) Vic­tory is when God's plan is sought and God's pur­pose is ful­filled through our lives.

Op­po­si­tions are not ob­sta­cles at all...they open the doors so that we may learn the skill of re­spond­ing in a godly way. Con­trary to the pop­u­lar say­ing “GOD helps those who help them­selves” is the truth GOD HELPS THE HELP­LESS WHO CRY FOR HELP! Re­spond­ing in a godly man­ner takes more than skills—it re­quires des­per­ate de­pen­dence on GOD, dili­gently and de­light­fully avail­ing of His grace. Han­dling op­po­si­tions with a Godly re­sponse is all about God's Om­nipo­tence flow­ing through or­di­nary lives as a tes­ti­mony of grace that many more might find GOD. Pause and see how God's grave saves us each day? Only the proud will re­sist such grace.

Thanks for read­ing, I still write straight from my heart!

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